Monday, November 21, 2011

Interviews, Reviews and Advice, Oh my!!!

What a Monday!!! Busy as a bee today and I really wanted to share all the hustle and bustle with a few of my closest friends...YOU!!!!
It's bee a while since I've had a review of one of my books, but the dry spell is over. 
Hop on over to the Aobibliosphere Blog and take a gander at the FOUR Clover review Blood Hunter "The Betrayal" received!! 
I am so thrilled this book has been reviewed and even more pleased that Chase, a supporting character was noticed. 
Bringing Autism to light was a personal endeavor for me, and creating an autistic character who just so happens to be a vampire was awesome. Wait until you see what Aobibliosphere had to say about that!!!

The other big event taking up a lot of my day is an in depth interview over at Cathy Stucker's Selling Books Website!! We take a closer look at the recent release of my first contemporary romance, Flesh Wounds and I dish about some personal stuff and even hand out a little advice. I'm not entirely sure how helpful I'll be, but I do shoot from the hip and give it my all. 
Head on over there and tell me what you think! I'd sincerely love to hear from you!!

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