Friday, November 18, 2011

A little Midnight Beckoning to ignite your weekend flame!!

Sit back, hold on tight and get ready for this excerpt from my latest paranormal romance, Midnight Beckoning,  just released this week  from eXtasy Books!!
How should a formidable damphyr handle a little competition from a sexy vampire hot for his lady?? 
I'm sure Ford Lenox could quite effectively demonstrate this for his rival, Evan!! 
Hmm, let's see...

Ford scanned the throng of followers. All eyes were fixed upon her and each face held the sincerity of fortitude he felt as well, burrowed deep within his own soul.
“As you face the enemy on the battlefield, if you find yourself overcome with doubt or even despair, I ask only that you remember your prince, who is within your midst as we speak and know that without you, he will never draw his first breath.”
A low murmur ricocheted across the room and the energy rose to a near tangible level.
“As your queen, I thank you for the sacrifices that will be made, and as one of you, I pray for victory.”
Cheers exploded from the multitude.
Lauren looked down at Theo and nodded for him to help her to the ground.
Ford made his way toward her, reaching her side just as Evan hastily approached from somewhere within the crowd.
“My lady,” Evan said kneeling, her hand firmly clasped in his.
Ford halted as the hair on the back of his neck pricked his collar and a growl resonated deep within his throat. Son-of-a-bitch!
A heavy hand grasped his shoulder and he looked over to find Crispin at his side. “Not tonight, my friend,” Crispin warned.
Evan rose, still holding Lauren’s hand and it took everything within Ford not to kill the vampire right there, prophecy be damned.
“The vampire army is prepared, just as you asked,” Evan told her.
Ford waited and watched.
Lauren tilted her head to the side and her soft sigh bounced around in Ford’s mind as though she’d screamed at the top of her lungs. Her heartbeat hastened and the pheromones that had intoxicated him a short time ago, once again flooded his senses. Was her body now emitting them because of Evan?
I’ll kill him!
Lauren shot a startled glance in his direction and immediately withdrew her hand from Evan’s. It’s not how it looks.
The beseeching pinch of her brow matched the boom of her now pounding heart. Ford heard it clearly, as though they were the only two beings in the room.
As she rushed to him, Ford grabbed her by the elbow, dragging her into the foyer. “What the fuck was that all about?” he growled, finding it difficult to maintain composure.
“Ford, there’s no time for this,” Crispin hissed, leaning into him from the other side.
Ford heard him, but his unwavering attention was set on Lauren’s misting eyes. “Ford, please. It’s not what you think. He saved my life and…” she swallowed hard and glared over his shoulder at something behind them.
Glancing back, Ford found Evan standing in the doorway, his fists clenched tight at his side and his stance definitely confrontational.
Releasing Lauren’s arm, Ford charged toward him.
“Ford,” Lauren called out.
Her voice resonated, not much more than a whisper in his mind, as rage pushed him toward the edge of insanity. “You sorry mother fu—”
“Ford!” Lauren bellowed.
Theo and Crispin grabbed Ford’s arms, holding him back.
Evan’s mouth turned up into a cocky smile. “So much for an alliance,” he hissed, fangs bared.
“I should have killed you years ago,” Ford shouted, catching the attention of the entire congregation.
“This isn’t the time or place, mate,” Theo growled. To whom he spoke, Ford had no clue. It didn’t matter.
“If you wanted a piece of me, you should have just asked,” Evan snarled back.
Ford pressed on, struggling to break the restraint of his best friends. “How dare you use Lauren to go after the throne?”
Evan’s throaty laugh flooded the room. “The throne? Fuck the throne. If I were going after anything it would be the woman on it, but never the throne itself.”
“I knew you wanted her from the first time you sauntered in here tugging on your father’s coattail. Just like I knew you wouldn’t be a team player.”
“Ford, stop this please?” Lauren begged, her voice cracking as though on the brink of despair.
The silvery glower of Evan’s eyes prevented Ford from backing away, no matter how desperate Lauren sounded.
“If you want to settle this now, let’s go,” Evan threatened.

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