Friday, November 25, 2011

'Tis the season to be...naughty?

I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving and for those of you outside the US, I hope your regular, non-turkey day, rocked as well!  
Now that our tummies are full and all the visiting family members have skedaddled back to their designated areas of the world, we can move on to.... Christmas!
Christmas? Really?
Yes, in fact some of you may have braved Black Friday and assuming you survived the masses, you're quite possibly having flashbacks while reading this.
This year I shopped online and finished my Christmas shopping last week.... I'll wait while you swear at your computer and kick the cat.
While standing in line at Wal-Mart for $50 bicycles was a great idea and pretty much a necessity when my kids were small, it wouldn't be worth it now that they're all teenagers and their needs include Wi-Fi internet or a minimum of 4G something or another.
Mail it to me, they won't care how it finds its way under the tree, as long as it's charged and ready to use by Christmas morning.
Welcome to my world!
As for me? I prefer a little less fuss, though Wi-Fi does help when I need to fill my Kindle with little holiday treats. For those of you who think as I do, I will have just the thing to make your Kindle or other E-Reader smile. My first ever Christmas Novella is releasing December 15th!
BTW, that's where the "naughty" part comes in. This little morsel is hot, but in keeping with my story style, has a pretty neat message and a ton of romance. Naughty is much sweeter when mixed with a little nice!
Here's a sneak peek of, The Long way Home...
Life is truly a highway headed 
anywhere your dreams can go.
Exiled to Texas to attend college, Beverly Hills debutant, Lola Brennan was encouraged to experience life and learn the value of a dollar, but instead, partied, played and blew through her trust fund.
Having no other choice, her parents cut her off, and insist she return home for the holidays.
Dante Brewer, raised by his single Puerto Rican mother has had a hard life. Away at college, halfway across the country, he’s devastated to learn that his little sister needs a kidney transplant and her life depends on him getting back home to East LA.
Paths collide in a heated rush when fate throws Lola and Dante together on a cross-country trek in a classic 1953 Cadillac convertible.
Racing against the clock, can they reach California before the spoiled little rich girl kills the hood rat, or is a taste of life from the other side of the tracks exactly what they both needed?
 Dante dragged Lola behind him as he gathered cookies, chips, gum and candy and shoved it all into a hand held basket he’d found at the end of the isle.
Lola cringed. “What’s all this junk?”
“Junk,” he replied. “This is what you eat on a road trip. No five star restaurants, no room service. Junk food’s the best.” He bobbed his head as he tossed in one fattening item after another.
“Do you have any idea how many fat grams are in that?”
“Tons, I hope.”
“I can’t eat that.” She folded her arms across her chest in protest.
Dante nudged her back against the glass door of the cooler. He set the basket down and picked up a plastic wrapped Hostess cupcake. A wide, devilish grin played around his mouth.
“What are you doing?” Her stomach tightened and she glanced over at the woman who was noticeably listening.
Dante opened the wrapper and held the cupcake in his hand. Eyeing Lola, he plunged one finger into the cream filled center.
Her gut knotted and she cut her eyes up at him. “I’m not eating that.”
Dante leaned in and engulfed her mouth with his.
Her heart raced as she swooned under his kiss.
Pulling away he slowly inched his cream covered finger toward her mouth.
Lola glared at the white, fluffy icing as the sweet smell infiltrated her nose, consuming her with its sugary fragrance.
Dante’s hot breath danced across her face, his mouth mere inches from hers, and he gently glided his finger across her lips, parting them just enough to insert it deeper into her mouth.
The cream filling flooded her taste buds. She closed her eyes and whimpered. Wrapping her tongue around his finger, she sucked it, prompting him to slide it even deeper inside.
As Lola opened her eyes, Dante kissed her again. The sweet taste of the cupcake swirled around her tongue and he groaned as he pressed himself against her. The warmth of his body amplified her desire to feel him inside her.
He tangled her hair in his other hand and breathed into her ear. “Never tell me you aren’t going to do something,” he hissed. “I take it as a personal challenge.”
Heat surged between her legs and she pushed her crotch against his thigh, wishing he would just hurry up and take her already. What was the freaking hold up anyway?
     He handed her the cupcake and as if under his captivating spell, Lola took a big bite out of it without a fight, following him to the front like a honey-craving bee.
The Long Way Home
will be available
December 15th
from eXtasy Books
For a shot at a FREE copy of this Christmas Novella, be sure to come back
December  16th - 18th
for a gigantic holiday blog hop!!
Details are available on the Event Page here:

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