Thursday, December 15, 2011


My Christmas novella, "The Long Way Home" has finally released!!
Download it today, just in time for the holidays!!

Exiled to Texas to attend college, Beverly Hills debutant, Lola Brennan was encouraged to experience life and learn the value of a dollar, but instead, partied, played and blew through her trust fund.
Having no other choice, her parents cut her off, and insist she return home for the holidays.
Dante Brewer, raised by his single Puerto Rican mother has had a hard life. Away at college, halfway across the country, he’s devastated to learn that his little sister needs a kidney transplant and her life depends on him getting back home to East LA.
Paths collide in a heated rush when fate throws Lola and Dante together on a cross-country trek in a classic 1953 Cadillac convertible.
Racing against the clock, can they reach California before the spoiled little rich girl kills the hood rat, or is a taste of life from the other side of the tracks exactly what they both needed?


“The office is closed. I have to wait until morning.” He leaned in through the opened window on Lola’s side of the car.
“Morning? We have to sleep in the car again?” Nausea sloshed around her insides. As wonderful as it was sleeping on top of Dante all night, she really preferred to be somewhere more comfortable and warm.
“Well, we could always get a room.” He motioned behind them at the rundown motel.
She peered over at the gloomy row of rooms. “The car sounds nice,” Lola immediately replied.
“Adventure, remember?”
“Diseases, remember?”

“Come on, Lola. You’re not supposed to be acting like Paris Hilton anymore.”
She groaned aloud. “Did you have to say Hilton? Now, I can only think about where we aren’t.”
Dante laughed. “Well if you want, you can sleep in the car and I’ll sleep in the room and we can both stretch out and be miserable.”
Lola looked up at him, losing herself in his beautiful brown eyes. “You’re really going to get a room?” The gears started to turn in her head. Suddenly the thought of the fleabag motel didn’t seem as bad. If Dante would in the same bed, the possibilities were endless.
“Perfect gentleman, I swear,” he promised holding up retreating hands.
“Sure,” she agreed, hoping the gentleman part was an option.
Dante disappeared into the store and in a matter of moments, emerged with a key.
Butterflies swarmed her stomach. Thank you, Cadillac!

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