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End of the Year Author Blowout!!!!

Welcome to the end of the year author blowout. 
If you're an author and want to give a shout-out regarding any of your books, feel free to leave a comment below and include your blurb, 
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This event will be open 
Friday, Saturday and Sunday!!

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  1. Thanks, Robin! Here are the details on my latest book, FRANK AND THE WEREWOLF TAMER. It's about a vampire who becomes involved with a modern (and sexy) version of Frankenstein.

    Katherine has had a hard time finding work, mostly because she’s a vampire. Turns out, people aren’t clamoring to work with the undead. She goes to the massive theme park, Notte Oscura, as a last resort. After she watches his sexy “Frankenstein” act, Frank Eastwick hires her on the spot. They are in need of a new werewolf tamer and he has no doubt that she can do the job. Katherine soon learns that there’s more to this hunk than his gorgeous body and numerous scars. Things are working out for Katherine for the first time in years. That is until the vampire who bit her decides to pay them a visit.

    Purchase Link:

    And here's a link to my blog post where authors can post their links as well:

  2. Awesome, Tracey!! That book has everything but the kitchen sink thrown in there!! Vampires, Sexy Frankenstein and Werewolves...oh my!!

  3. Well, my sister said come promo so I skanked right on over to ply my trade. Iz what I do ;0) Here's book #3 in my Wicked series: In Wicked Chains. Available at ARe: and Amazon:
    Everyone has secrets. Some people simply bury theirs deeper. Kingston Hughes is one of those. Painful childhood memories plague him, sending him spinning out of control and running from any kind of commitment. He pretends not to feel the pain and loneliness while indulging in sexual encounters with nameless, faceless women.

    With the twist of a doorknob, his carefully cultivated façade is shaken by the woman he’d forbidden himself to need.

    The daughter of a recently slain mobster, Elina Vicente has secrets, too. They weigh her down, stealing her strength and her dreams. She’s developed an unhealthy crush on Kingston though he’s never looked at her as anything but his sister’s quiet friend. When she walks in on him in a compromising embrace, Elina seizes the chance to move Kingston from her dreams and into her arms.

    For only the second time in her life, Elina takes something just for her, but try as she and Kingston might, they can’t prevent their pasts from intruding. Shadows of pain and bitterness rise with a vengeance and the lovers will have to decide whether to break free or remain bound…In Wicked Chains.

    Find more of my books at

    Thanks, Rob! You'z tha Boss!!

  4. Pimp my book out? Sure! Thanks Robin. :) Here's Ardeur, Book One, Abbey of Angels.

    Born a necromancer…

    Sold by parents who wanted a normal child, Ardeur Lisle now hosts a demon and was trained to be a killer for hire. As an adult possessed, dreaming of escape and of a kind face from her childhood helps keep her sane.

    If she breaks free from her captors, what will this new world full of paranormal beings hold for her? Ridding herself of her demon parasite will be her first priority.

    A promise kept...

    Brody Callaghan never forgot the angelic blonde from his childhood. After years of military service, he swears to track down the face still haunting him from his youth.

    But Brody has a furry secret of his own; one unveiled with each full moon. Will the two hold onto love with danger, deception, and an obsessed angel driving them apart?

    Here's the Amazon buy link:

    You can find more of my books at

  5. I'm so glad you dropped by and left us a little somethin' Wicked, dear sister! This series is all that and a bag of chips!! Readers will be missing out if they don't get it downloaded, for sure!!!!

  6. Danielle, this book was a hit when we spotlighted it and you earlier this year!! Talk about taking a walk on the dark side... this one has it all!! Thanks so much for sharing!!

  7. Awesome, thanks, Robin! I'm posting my YA fantasy, "Elle's Journey."

    Amazon US:
    Amazon UK:

    Blurb: When Elle is spirited away from everything she knows, she soon finds that starving might be a blessing compared to the evil following her and the danger ahead of her. She is guided by the Hunter - a young man haunted by a dead woman, and the Shadow - a creature at war with himself. The Protector travels from the West to help her, only to be led astray by an imposter. It is only when Elle seeks help from the Betrayer that she realizes none of them will survive, if she can’t unite the Five Foretold and find the five magestones.

    My website:

  8. Thank you Robin. :)

    Erotic American Set Regency Romance for 18 + Only.

    Grey's Lady, Book One in the Carte Blanche Series.

    Read the entire first chapter (by clicking link, you affirm that you are 18 years old or older. If you're not 18, don't click):

    Blurb: Seeking sexual excitement and conquest, poor but beautiful Beth seduces wealthy merchant prince Grey Sexton, only to find herself the pursued as he seeks to own her body and soul.

    Flouting the moral standards of Jeffersonian America, temptress Beth McConnell lets no man touch her heart. Her motto is love them once and leave them burning.

    But when she boldly seduces Grey Sexton, a self-controlled merchant prince from New York, she finds herself too fascinated by his ice-over-fire nature to stay away. His possessive determination to own her, body and soul, threatens to expose her secret erotic life to public shame.

    But Beth will only surrender her love to a man she can trust. And Grey's materialistic approach to relationships leaves her little reason to believe he can ever give her what she truly needs.

    For these two cynical yet lonely people, can deep sexual intimacy work a miracle and lead to the opening of their hearts.

    Read the reviews + another excerpt:

    $3.48 on Amazon:

    Check out my other books:

  9. Welcome to the party, Natasha and Lizzy!!
    So glad to have links to two very fine examples of the ever widening scale of romance genres!!
    Isn't it amazing the many places, eras and circumstances love can find dynamic heroes and heroines??
    Just gotta LOVE that!!

  10. Thanks, Robin. This is awesome.

    YA Paranormal Romance - "Saving Elizabeth"

    Blurb: Blaming God for the death of her father, sixteen year old Elizabeth Bridges denounces her faith and vows never to utter His name again. She tries to distance herself from anything spiritual, but the events that occur after an unwanted move make that difficult.

    First, the dreams come -- dreams of evil creatures and a gorgeous stranger she thinks her mind created to escape her miserable life. But her first day at Glacier High proves there's more to it than that.

    Elizabeth meets Riel, the boy from her dreams, and he knows more about her than is humanly possible. He says she possesses a coveted gift that all of Hell is clamoring to seize. The monsters she dreams of are real, and they're battling for her soul. Soon, Elizabeth is thrust into a spiritual realm where she doesn't know friend from foe. Should she trust Riel to help her fight the gathering evil forces so they can save what matters most?

    "Saving Elizabeth" is available wherever eBooks are sold. Check out my website for purchase details.

  11. Thanks Robin! Hope you have a happy & successful New Year. (Will see ya 'round the bonfire, too)

    Here's my gift to readers...

    Wyndy: In a Heartbeat; Aithne Jarretta~Paranormal, Short Story (pg) FREE

    Story Overview:
    Haunted by his past, Malik rushes through a tempest filled Florida night toward an unexpected meeting with destiny. Harboring a soul that longs for unity with his mate, he tries to understand the shallow dating experiences up to this moment. He is positive there is someone with whom his heart beats in tandem. Where? He doesn’t have a clue.
    Wyndy, Tempest Tamer Faery, has waited lifetimes for the return of her soul love.
    Will Malik return?


    Malik punched his foot down, seeking one last push of high before slowing down to turn into his driveway.
    The light changed. Red glared, waving like a spectral omen on the coastal wind.
    Lightning flashed, blinding him briefly, then…
    A scream and sudden flash of movement surrounded by blue.
    He braked hard, unsure of the apparition. Tires squealed. Lexee lost her grip on the wet pavement, spinning rakishly. Rotating the wheel opposite to Lexee’s motion, visions of his life flashed before his eyes.
    He expected a crash. None came.
    Silent stillness…
    Breathing hard, grateful for continued life, he reached for the door handle. The scream echoed in his mind, horror at possibilities out in the wet world compelled him forward. He stepped out, instantly soaked, feet moving of their own volition.
    His heart shook…
    Blackness engulfed the world beyond the blue white lights shining from his car. He froze, unable to make his body move through the shock wrapping his brain.
    She stood in the center of his car’s beams. Wet blue robes moved and shifted finally billowing outward in the rising wind. Head tilted back in full acceptance of heaven’s tears, arms raised to the stormy skies, the young woman remained motionless.
    “Hey,” he said while noticing the blue flowers in her waist length blonde tresses. “You all right?”

    Download Smashwords:

    Also by Aithne Jarretta: CONCENTRIC CIRCLES

    ~ Aithne Jarretta

  12. Robin, thank you for hosting all of us starving artists. Here's an excerpt from my paranormal romance novel WYNTER'S BLOSSOM.

    Once considered a lone wolf, Wynter Grey is now Alpha to an all-male band of former loners called Unity Pack. Each hand-picked male is willing to do whatever it takes to protect their new pack and the life they’ve worked so hard to achieve. The only thing missing are mates to share their lives with.

    Sarah Eriksson was raised by a werewolf, but a vicious attack by one of her father’s own kind leaves scars that are hard to see and even harder to heal. To protect her child, she will have to face her fears and trust in the only man who can heal her wounds: her new Alpha.

    As they make the journey from mistrust to love, Wyn and Sarah’s relationship is threatened by danger from an old enemy. Will Wyn be able to protect the woman destined to be his, or will fear and doubts keep her from becoming Wynter’s Blossom?

    WYNTER'S BLOSSOM is currently available at

  13. OMG!! This is awesome. I'll not only be able to pick up some yummy reading for MY kindle, but some YA stuff for my 16 yr old daughter's kindle as well! FANTASTIC!!
    You ALL rock!!

  14. Hi, Robin! Thanks for hosting us this weekend.

    THE PRICELESS GIFT (available for NOOK and KINDLE)
    Will Santa bring Christina and Gavin what they really want for Christmas - each other?

    The last thing Christina Scott expects Santa to bring her is a sexy—and very familiar—cowboy. Gavin Holloway’s just as shocked to discover she’s the woman he’s sent to pick up from the airport for a Christmas visit with her brother. They'd spent one hot week together months ago—a week where they both left their identities and individual problems behind. Neither ever expected a reunion.

    Little do they know, Santa's elf has more than coal up his sleeve. Ho ho ho and a badgering we'll go before reindeer two-step on their rooftop and deliver THE PRICELESS GIFT that will leave their snowy days sizzling.

  15. Woohoo! Looks like this was a good idea! *wink* Thanks for opening your blog, Robin!

    Grab my free book Dec. 30-31!!! It's Book 1 out of the 3.

    So, are you into spicy time-travel fantasy romance loaded with kilts, Druids, fairies, changelings, King Arthur the shape-shifting dragon, freemasons, vampires, werewolves, and much much more...? Re-released and completely revamped my series is available on Kindle today! Each link has a blurb and an excerpt too. ;)

    A war wages among the Gods. Two Celtic time-travel orders from the future intermarry to safeguard history. Paradox is but a stolen heart away. Open the door to a new reality where legend becomes history and destined love defeats timeless evil.

    Book 1: SACRIFICIAL HEARTS (22K-word novella)

    "Intense, original, suspenseful, and dramatic... an unpredictable topsy-turvy romance... the suspense builds with every page in SACRIFICIAL HEARTS. In a world where symbols mean everything, magic is the way..." ~Snapdragon; LASR

    Book 2: SWORDSONG (novel)

    Book 3: HE OF THE FIERY SWORD (novel)

    "Arthur is a masterpiece..." HE OF THE FIERY SWORD's King Arthur ~Diane Mason; The Romance Studio

    MY BLOG:

  16. Thank you for the post space, your the best Robin!
    Julianne Lepkowicz, Author
    Waiting for Dusk
    The darkness beats relentlessly at Mikhail’s psyche. He still battles the repercussions of his wife’s assassination twenty years ago, an event that opened the flood gates of anarchy and shattered the treaty between Vampires and Warlocks. Mikhail’s warlock bloodlines now force him to don a warrior’s uniform once again in order to save humanity from becoming a pawn in the vampires’ game of greed. But who will save Mikhail as he annihilates the guilty and loses himself in the ashes of the dead?
    I have two books available on Kindle. Waiting for Dusk and Possessing Ava. I have a page on Facebook "Paranormal Romance Author, Julianne Lepkowicz" suppling readers with snipits and a full chapter to "Blood Spell".

  17. Happy New Year to all!

    For all who love romantic suspense, try my latest romance, Triptych, a tale of lost artworks, jealousy, sex, larceny and genius set high on the cliffs over the Potomac River.

    Miranda Cabot lost all interest in love after her husband Edward crashed into the Potomac River rocks called the Three Sisters. Her sister Honor likewise prefers her tower and her writing. Not so the third sister Sybil, who longs for romance with a dashing Frenchman. She advertises for said hero on Craig’s List and is rewarded with the Chevalier du Bon Arnaque, who comes to Washington from Strasbourg on unidentified business.
    Miranda and Honor believe the Chevalier is a crook and ask their neighbors Dieter Heiliger and his grandson Corey, to act as chaperones. With three beautiful, strong-willed women in a house filled with three handsome, virile men, the inevitable result is an intricate web of jealousy, sex, and intrigue. Who will end up with whom, and will the Three Sisters take another life as the legend calls for?

    Available here:
    All Romance E Books:

    Book Strand:


    Request a digital autograph from the author by going to

    M. S. Spencer ~ Romance in Suspension
    Tales to Make You Tingle

    Also available, ebook or print: Losers Keepers from
    Lost in His Arms and Lost & Found from (

  18. Thanks Robin! Here's mine for my newest erotic paranormal romance release:

    Blood Avenged

    I am everything you desire. I am vampire.

    Powerful and manipulative, Vasilije does as he pleases. A vampire beholden to no one, he takes what he desires, drinking deeply the pleasures this life has to offer.

    When one of his own is staked, Vasilije must travel to New Orleans to exact his revenge. There he meets Sasa, a beautiful woman who arouses him like no other has for centuries. Vasilije’s need for vengeance is equaled only by his passion for her, but what he finds in his revenge is just the beginning...

    For a smokin' hot excerpt and to find out about my other books, stop over at my blog

  19. Hey Robin and readers!

    Thanks for doing this! Just a note - a similar blog post will go up at midnight ET tonight for authors to pimp themselves. The link is

    Now, on to the show!

    My book is titled Head Games, and it's book 1 in the Buffalo Intimidators series. It's a m/f/m menage erotic romance. Here's the blurb:

    Leo Laporte and Scott Schaeffer are teammates on the ice and roommates off it who also share women. They’ve been coming into Kelly Chase’s bistro after games for months, and they know they want her. As the attraction grows, the men realize they want more than a one-night stand - they want forever.

    Kelly’s not so sure. Yes, she wants both men. But a permanent ménage relationship? That’s taking giving her heart away to a whole new level, and a chance she’s hesitant to take. Then Leo is injured and Scott’s on the trading block, and she realizes this may be her only shot at true, everlasting love.

    There are so many questions swirling around inside Kelly’s head. Can she believe in Leo and Scott’s love? And will her business and her reputation survive once people find out she’s with two men?

    Buy links:

  20. Wow, this is really nice of you to offer us the chance to share our own books! My latest release, "SEXY LITTLE BITES: Short Stories to Excite" is available from Amazon, B&N and Smashwords for only 99 cents a download!

    Blurb: A collection of five erotic, but romantic short stories. Covers a wide selection of themes, from office romance, to paranormal encounters and couples trying to spice up their married life.

    Each story was created with the intent of providing a quick, but satisfying sensual read whenever you wish to indulge.

    My Website/Blog:

    Amazon Link:

    Barnes & Noble Link:


  21. This is fabulous, everyone!! Keep these blurbs and links coming!! Be sure to let people know about everyone's great posts. Let's tell the world WE know ROMANCE!!

  22. Under the Mistletoe
    Vanessa Alexander Johnson

    Mainstream Romance: Contemporary, Interracial/Multicultural, Holiday: Christmas
    ISBN: 978-1-4543-0134-9
    Release Date: December 19, 2011


    Grace has harbored a secret from her husband, Tony for twenty-five years. She believes he is not the biological father of her son, Trace. Trace is in need of a kidney. Because of her medical history, that eliminates Grace as a donor. Tony is hell bent on being the donor. Grace knows her secret is about to be revealed, and struggles with how she is going to tell him. She believes an indiscretion with a co-worker at her office Christmas Party was whenTrace was conceived.

    Due to her intoxicated state, she doesn't remember everything that happened that night. Is Tony Trace's father?

    Will he be able to forgive her for her indiscretion all those years ago?

    The constant downpour of rain that had been falling all day had managed to enthrall Grace’s thoughts and kept her in a trance-like state for hours. She’d been starring out of her bedroom window deep in thought, trying to think of a solution that would be less painful for everyone involved.

    Mounted at the top of Grace’s list of worries that required her immediate attention was how she was going to tell her husband, Tony, of thirty years, that their twenty-five year old son, Trace, was not his biological son.

    Somehow she’d managed to hide her secret since Trace’s birth. But now, Grace’s secret was about to be revealed whether she exposed it or not. She knew it would be better if the news came from her and not Trace’s doctors. Trace was in dire need of a kidney transplant and her husband, Tony, was hell bent on giving him one of his since Grace had been ruled out because of her own medical history.

    Grace was sure that when Tony went to the hospital to do the preliminary blood work and other test necessary before the surgery to determine if he indeed was a perfect match, then surely the truth would then be revealed.

    She shuddered at this frightening thought. Although she and Tony had become more like roommates than husband and wife over the years, she still didn’t want him finding out about Trace this way. If truth be told, she’d rather him not find out at all. But due to circumstances beyond her control, him finding out wasn’t an option. The question was when and how was he going to find out?

    He deserves better than this, she kept telling herself. It’s the least I can do for Tony, she concluded. “But How?” she pounced her palm a few times hoping to knock a solution inside her head. She had to find a way to tell him, and soon, because Tony was due at the hospital in a few days for the tests.

    Grace knew the news would break Tony’s heart and Trace’s too, regardless of who revealed it.

    Purchase Link:

    My Website:

    Thanks for the opportunity.

  23. Woot! Free Promo - we're in! Thank you Robin! Our latest release Triangle of Secrets, Book One, received 4 Stars and a great review by I'm A Voracious Reader;

    Triangle of Secrets, Book One is the first installment of our ménage series. There will be six books featuring different threesome relationships.
    “Triangle of Secrets, Book Two" will be released mid 2012.

    Triangle of Secrets, Book One, is the story of three ordinary people trying to make their way in the corporate world and keeping their personal lives out of it. Morgan, the Vice President of a prestigious company, dates her best friend and co-worker, Derek, to hide her secret affair with Scott, the much younger mail clerk. Derek appears with Morgan socially to hide the fact he is gay. He is afraid his lifestyle will hinder promotions. Scott wants out of the mailroom and will do anything his lover asks of him. What happens when Derek and Scott meet at Morgan’s house to fulfill her wildest fantasy? Will the triangle break or will it be completed?

    All Romance

    Our blog

    Happy New Year from Brenda & Steve!

  24. Thanks for opening up your blog for this Robin you are awesome!

    Beloved Wizard: Knight of Excalibur One

    Arthur and his Knights are back and ready to kick ass!

    Merci Tramaine is not happy to be called back into service by her old boss Arthur, especially when she is charged to find her missing ex lover. Drake Monroe is Merlin reincarnated, with his powers bound by the Goddess Nimue he has become a skilled fighter, but no match for Nimue who kidnapped him determined to destroy him forever.
    The bloodline of Morgan Le Fey taints Merci keeping her on the edge between light and dark, the Goddess’s wicked trap springs shut leaving both Drake and Merci racing against the clock. Passions ignite once again, but are they too late to plan a future or will they be torn from each other?
    This time for eternity.

    Buy Links:
    Extasy Books:
    Amazon Kindle:
    Book Strand:
    Fiction wise:

  25. Thank you, Robin, for giving us the opportunity!

    My latest work will be released on January 1st, 2012, so this is perfect! :)

    The Prophecy, Reincarnated
    published by eXtasyBooks

    What's it about?

    Tedathian thought the space trip to be easy, but after the crash landing on Leroya his life turns out to be a fast rollercoaster ride with women lusting after his body, a ruler out for war and an empress with different goals of her own. Will Ted find a way out without losing himself?

    And an excerpt:

    Yaladan ran her hands along Ted’s shoulders, down his arms and hands. His hands were strong, used to work. She knew what these hands were able to do and couldn’t wait for him to get into the mood again. She had failed him when Nephren entered. She wished for nothing more than to make up for the misbehavior of the Chamarí. Deep in her throat, a giggle sat and wanted out. She felt like a girl when she was with Ted. All she could think of was his perfect body and how he made love to her. She knew she should think clearer.
    First and all, she was the present wife of the Haldru. Playing around with the Haldru’s lucky charm bore trouble. The ecstasy she felt would turn to…
    All she could think of was the bliss of his hands and tongue, and more all over her body. Shivers ran down her spine as she bowed her back to get closer, much closer. If it was possible, she wanted to melt with his body, feel everything he felt and share every thought he had. For now, it was enough for her to bathe in his heat and guess his wishes. She was more than eager to fulfill them all. It had been a long time since she had felt like this with a man. But, no, there was no comparison. He was the Prophecy, a legend in the form of a man.
    Have a great New Year!


    Copyright © 2011 Ann Raina
    ISBN: 978-1-77111-ARC
    Cover art by Angela Waters

  26. Here’s my addition ~

    Wild West Weekend by C.R. Moss & RM Sotera
    Two brothers... Two best friends... One... Wild West Weekend
    Two people scared to love again. Two others hesitant about commitment. A weekend in Nevada will change all that.
    Bristol Ashcombe is swearing off men and taking a vacation with her friend, Cassie. Damon Dougan is packed and ready to leave the ranch for a trip, that is, until a long-legged, sexy woman steps out of a vehicle and he decides to stay. Will one sex filled weekend be enough for either of them?
    Cassie Harding travels to the Double D ranch, to meet Bristol and looks forward to seeing her old friend, Dakota. Dak’s excited when Cassie, his former sweetheart, returns. Cassie and Dakota, though they’re heating up ‘the sheets’ in and out of the bedroom, have fears about commitment after years of being single. Will they find it’s better to dance together than apart?

    Available at:

    Visit blogs: -or-

  27. Thanks so much!

    The Keeper of Moon Haven – a Victorian fantasy

    On the southern fringes of the Mendip Hills sits the Castle Hamingjur, an abandoned structure most fear haunted. Yet, on the rare occasions when the Hunter’s Blue Moon occurs, the Keeper occupies this mysterious castle where he guards the bridge to Alfheim Haven.

    Noreen Willshire discovers more than fairytales hidden between the pages of Beletania’s diary. She opens the ancient book and finds a pathway to a Faery Realm where all manner of mythical creatures reside. In her naïveté, she summons the Keeper before his scheduled time in the human realm. In that brief moment, the mysterious wizard touches her soul with more than magick. She promises to return the diary during Mefylleth, a time when the barriers between the two realms melt away, but danger stalks her path. Torn between her desire to make a new life for herself in America and her growing love for the Keeper, she must bridge the gap between magick and time to follow her heart.

    BUY link: for Kindle -
    For other formats -

    My blog -

  28. Thank you, Robin, for letting me do this :P I really appreciate it.

    Eternal Darkness is going to be released on February 1st 2012.
    Eternal Darkness, a vampire paranormal romance book, though I think it's also classed as erotic also.
    It is the first book in my Cursed in Darkness series and I'm dead excited. No pun intended :P

    Here's the BLURB, though it's unedited, so sorry about that.

    Layla, a twenty one year old half-breed, known as a dhampir, is incredibly beautiful and deadly. She drinks vampire blood; for power, but also to stop the burning hunger.
    She is in the protection of an academy full of vampires; a hundred acre of land, surrounded by high tech security to ensure that none enters, or leaves.
    Therefore, when she has lessons with the vampires — not only does she struggle with her hunger, but she also has to learn to trust them, something that is a big issue for Layla because of her past, something she cannot forget or run away from. The past that comes back into her dreams frequently to haunt her and remind her that she cannot hide as she lives her life in the academy.
    That is not the only problem when she meets Shade — an impossibly handsome vampire, and Layla’s one-on-one instructor. Desires that she never knew she had, rise to the peak whenever he looks at her, and she cannot stop how her body reacts to his touch, or how much she wants both his body and his blood.
    However, it is a forbidden lust that they share, one they must keep it a secret from those around them, or Layla risks everyone finding out who she really is.
    Layla is trying to live the life she has, but someone — inside and out — wants her dead, so she not only has to deal with the vampires who hate dhampir’s, but she also has to keep herself alive.
    Can she do it?

    You can also see the awesome cover for Eternal Darkness, and the next two! There's also an unedited excerpt to read too. Just go on click on the Eternal Darkness cover and it'll take you right to the page.
    If you look, I hope you like what you see and read =D

    Thank you again, Robin!

    Nat =D

  29. Hi Robin,

    This is sweet of you. My new release, Murder, Mayhem and Mama is out exclusively at Barnes and Noble right now. I have a wonderful video that Rosa Brand, a talented writer and graphic artist did for me on my website. You see the video at my website:

    Here's my book cover blurb:


    Cali McKay's mama isn't ready to pass over to the "other side" yet. Her unlucky-in-love daughter needs her now more than ever. Before Mama can chain-smoke her way to heaven, she's gotta make sure Cali's ex deadbeat boyfriend doesn't get her daughter killed.


    Cali lost her mom to cancer. Detective Brit Lowell, lost his partner to murder. Now he's in the mood to take down some dirtbags and Cali's ex just happens to be a dirtbag leaving a trail of dead bodies behind him. Can Brit trust this beautiful woman to help take down her ex? Can Cali look past this sexy cop's hard exterior to trust him with her heart? Can life get any crazier when Mama starts meddling from the grave? Only one thing is for sure--none of it will matter, unless they catch a killer before the killer catches them.

  30. Hey Robin - thanks so much lady and I'll pimp too. Here's my latest from my silver star recipient from ARe - a HOT m/m piece. Thanks so much for having me!.


    Movie star Hunter Reynolds knew a thing or two about the ladies but he didn’t crave them. Instead, he enjoyed the company of men and while he adored Taylor, his live in lover and best friend, they weren’t in love and Hunter refused to be seen in public with him. After all, Hunter's fans believed he was straight. When he was brutally attacked, he was uncertain he would ever work in Hollywood again and his doctors weren’t sure they could repair the damage. Angry and bitter, Hunter pushed everyone out of his life including Taylor. Sadly, Hunter was merely the latest victim in a series of horrific crimes targeting gay entertainers.

    Macgyver Donovich was a reporter for the LA Times who’d written stories on each one of the victims and was anxious to talk with Hunter. From the moment he met the rough-hewn man who exuded sexuality along with chocking self loathing, MacGyver was fascinated. Determined to get to the bottom of the attacks, Mac wrote a series of edgy columns in an attempt to egg on the perpetrator.

    Entering into a pact to fight back, both Mac and Hunter realized it was only a matter of time before the assailant struck again. As they grew closer by their respective haunted pasts, a series of new threats were issued and both men were forced to confront their demons. As the race to find the attacker continued, Mac and Hunter finally discovered what they’d been missing in life--love. But was it simply too late?

  31. Thanks for hosting us, Robin!

    A Romancing the Pirate novel
    by Jennifer Bray-Weber

    (Award-winning Novel) Although Lianna Whitney was gently bred, she must now empty slop buckets and fight off randy sailors in a seaport tavern to survive. One night, she unexpectedly comes into possession of a golden medallion. But when the man who left it with her is immediately murdered by soldiers of the Royal Navy, she’s afraid to admit she has it. Unsure who to trust, she’s caught up in crossfire between navy officers and a pirate captain, who, realizing she possesses the object he’s been paid to find, whisks her away to his ship during the fight.

    Privateer Captain Zane Fox is not interested in the mystical healing powers the medallion is said to hold, even though the legends claim it can bring a dying man back to life. He only plans to procure the medallion, drop the chit off at the next port where she’ll be safe, and collect the money he was promised. However, as they fend off storms at sea and attempt to outrun the Royal Navy, the two are also fighting the attraction they feel for one another. But when they are captured, Zane must choose between recovering the medallion and saving Lianna from the noose. And soon it becomes clear to him that the medallion is not the only treasure worth risking his life for.

    Amazon -
    B&N -

    More Romancing the Pirate books to be released by Carina Press Spring 2012

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  32. Robin, you are so sweet to invite us to post about our books. Here is the info on my latest romantic suspense/thriller Border Heat:

    Murderous drug runners, a wildfire in the Texas desert and the President's runaway daughter…Game Warden Shannon Walker didn't sign up for any of this. Add a sexy Secret Service Agent named Tucker Daye, unexpected betrayal and a desperate escape into the desert, and the border becomes hotter than Shannon can handle.


  33. Happy New Years to you, Robin, and to all readers and writers posting on the blog! :)

    This month I had a Christmas short story released from DD called The Stocking.

    Adele’s lonely Christmas Eve on the prairie is made much brighter by the arrival of a mysterious silver-whiskered stranger…


  34. A very happy New Years to you all! :)

    Coming soon from eXtasy Books, Blood Betrayal, a story of the Kindred (Vampires!). A pre-quel of my bestselling vampire novel, Help I'm Falling for the Vampire Next Door.

    Check out my current releases, including the latest wild and sexy adventures of Brandi Whyne at my web site

    Lots and lots of excerpts available at Celine's Dreams blog:

  35. Robin...what a wonderful New Years treat for us:) I'm flinging my list on here...hope to goodness I'm doing this right! Thanks a bunch, gal!


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  36. What a great idea! Thank you for this opportunity to showcase our book.

    Title: I.O.U. SEX
    Authors: Sandra Nachlinger & Sandra Allen
    Genre: Women's Fiction / Romance

    When June, Kiki, and Peggy graduated from high school, all three were still virgins. After all, they were good girls. Years later, the friends read June’s diary from their senior year and joke about the sexual frustration they caused their steady boyfriends back then. That’s when Kiki says, “When you think about it, and I’m only trying to be fair, we owe those guys sex.” With bawdy jabs and tipsy laughter, they vow to track down their old boyfriends and make amends. Will their sexual IOUs be paid in full? Or is this just another one of Kiki's crazy ideas?

    Available in paperback and ebook formats:
    I.O.U. Sex on Amazon
    I.O.U. Sex on Barnes and Noble
    eBooks for Nook and Kindle only $2.99

    Also available on Smashwords in multiple formats.

    Blog: Sandy & Sandra’s Blog

  37. Blurb:

    Jason Ryerson wakes from sleep in a different room and a different body. In the hour after waking up, he learns that he has been a victim twice over, first of a car accident that cause massive injuries to his old body. Secondly, and more devastatingly a victim of the MORFS plague.

    Jason, now Jessica, learns what it means to be on the other side of the bed. Outwardly a beautiful woman, she is forced to come to terms with how the world views women. As ties to her past are confronted, dissolved or strengthened, Jessica turns her attention to her future. A man who knew her as both Jason and now Jessica becomes more than just a friend. With no secrets between them, will he help her find her way into the world of being a woman?


    Be careful what you give out, it may come back to stare at you in the mirror.


    The locker room was surprisingly clean and mercifully empty. I changed into the heavy-duty sports bra and shorts and then made my way out to the gym floor. As I did my warm-up stretches, I scanned the main floor to see what equipment was available. There were a number of men walking around whose equipment made them seem interesting, but it didn’t take long for me to
    change my mind. I had no interest strutting peacocks that were focused more on picking up women than picking up weights.

    The inclined board seemed to be as good as any place to begin. Starting with the board at mid position, I worked through a set of slow crunches. I reset the board to the next higher level and worked through another set. From that station, I moved around to the others, building up a sweat as I went.

    One station was the butterfly machine. After wiping the seat and grips, in case the previous user hadn’t, I reset the weight higher, a lot higher. Sitting down and hooking my arms into the wings of the machine, I could see the sweat glistening on my skin and staining the front of my bra. Inwardly, I smiled at the noticeable bumps showing through and wondered idly if other people found them sexy. Closing my eyes, I concentrated on the exercise, keeping my back pressed into the padding of the seat and bringing my arms around so they touched each other. Relaxing, I let the machine draw my arms apart and then repeated the movement.

    With my eyes closed, it was easy to feel the strain on my shoulder muscles and across my chest. The reps were slow to keep the muscles under tension longer, to be more effective. Everything felt so different from before where sensations that were just there before now were different, sensual, almost sexual.

    I sat in the machine’s seat staring at my reflection. My top was completely dark from sweat now and the bumps that outlined my nipples were even more pronounced. The endorphin haze felt so wonderful, I didn’t get up immediately. One of the staff noticed and stopped to ask if everything was okay. My eyes flicked from her breasts to face and I just nodded. She returned the smile, brushed her hand over my shoulder, and walked off. Very base thoughts crossed my mind as I watched her in the mirror as she bent over to help another patron at a different machine.

    Stop thinking with the little head, Jessica. Not that it did any good. Visions of the two of us naked and the busty staffer bent over a weight bench danced in my head.

    Starfox Howl
    The Middle of Nowhere – Afghanistan

    Blog and WIP’s at:

    Jason to Jessica: (Available Now!)

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  38. Thanks for doing this, Robin! I'm excited since I uploaded my third novel, ZOMBIE WEDDING last night!

    Amazon Link -

    Samantha Ridgeway thought being turned into the walking dead by a freaky lab experiment was the worst thing that could happen to her. She was wrong.

    Not only did her creation cause an uproar in the paranormal community—the fairies want her dead permanently—but her vampire boyfriend is pushing for an eternal commitment, she’s a bridesmaid in her brother’s shotgun wedding, and now a necromancer has emerged, wanting revenge on her for something she did when she was still alive. The hungry corpses he raises from the dead are relentless killers. Can Sam protect her brother’s wedding guests from becoming appetizers for the flesh-crazed zombie army? And how can she keep herself from ending up as the main course?

  39. Thanks, Robin!!

    Two December release ebooks from Changeling Press.


    Erotic Urban Fantasy Romance, Interracial, Christmas


    Alex thought she was going to a job. Instead she ends up marrying the heir to the title of Santa Claus. The vows have been said and cannot be taken back, even if Alex isn't the ideal bride Kris was hoping for to re-energize the powers of the House of Kringle. But Alex is about to teach him that being a little naughty -- or a lot -- can go a long way.

    ** 5 Blue Ribbons from Romance Junkies!


    Erotic Fantasy Romance, Interracial, Suspense


    Cinnamon came to the Hawaii celebrity retreat to meet her favorite actress. Calhoun crashed to find answers about his missing uncle. Neither of them signed on for the part of the tour that included body swapping. They have to find a way to switch back without anyone realizing their predicament. Long nights of searching for answers become even longer when curiosity takes over. It's a once in a lifetime chance to see how the other half loves, and they don't plan to let it slip away.

    Zenobia Renquist
    Discover Different & Unique Romance

  40. Thank you so much for the spot on your blog, Robin!

    Title: For the Love of Quinn(Now and Forever 1)

    Blurb: Quinn Lee Hollis is a forty-three-year-old veterinary surgeon who has reached a crossroads in her life. Stuck in a loveless and emotionally abusive marriage, she decides that she has had enough and vows to cut loose and enjoy herself in Las Vegas with her sister.

    There she meets and falls in love with two men. Both bring out the fire and passion in her that she has longed for her whole life. Steve Eischer is a Vegas tycoon who wants to fulfill her every fantasy, and Jake Hartley is a classic bad boy who awakens desire in her so strong that it nearly destroys her.

    Both Steve and Jake have claims on her heart, but only one can share a connection so strong that nothing can keep them apart.

    Buy links:
    Siren Bookstrand


    Barnes and Noble

  41. Thanks so much!

    Romantic comedy box set...

    Think Bridget Jones meets My Big Fat Greek Wedding...



    Fourteen Days Later was short listed for the Harry Bowling Prize 2008 and received a Highly Commended by the Yeovil Literary Prize 2009.

    When accident-prone Helen Grey finds a thong stuffed into the pocket of her boyfriend's best work trousers, it's time for her to move on. His excuse that he needed to dust the photocopier and just thought that it was a rag sounds like a lame excuse.

    Helen's life is propelled in an unexpected direction after her best friend, Ayshe, sets her a fourteen-day, life-changing challenge. Helen receives a task everyday which she must complete without question. The tasks are designed to build her confidence and boost her self-esteem but all they seem to do is push her closer to Ayshe's brother, Kalem.

    How will Kalem and Helen get together when she's too foolish to realize that she loves him? How can he fall for her when he is too busy falling prey to her mishaps and too in love with his own perfect girlfriend? How will Kalem's Turkish Cypriot family react when they find out?

    Is it really possible to change your life in fourteen days?


    Helen Grey is finally getting everything she wants. She's about to have the perfect dream wedding and begin an exciting new life abroad on the sunny Mediterranean island of Cyprus. But living the dream isn't all it's cracked up to be.

    After a mix-up at the airport, Helen finds herself drawn into the midst of an elaborate plot to steal an ancient statue and assassinate a local businessman. And as if that wasn't bad enough, her wedding dress is AWOL, the statue seems to be cursed, and Helen is wanted by the police.

    With the big day rapidly approaching, a roller-coaster of mishaps, misunderstandings, and disasters threatens to turn the newlyweds into nearlyweds.

    Can Helen prevent an assassination, save the statue, and have the perfect wedding? Or will the day to remember turn into one she'd rather forget?

    WARNING! These books contains screwball comedy, quirky characters, and farcical situations...


    "A hilarious romance! The storyline was entertaining and funny; the characters were unique, colorful,and relatable. I had a hard time putting this one down because I never knew what funny catastrophe or line would come next." The Cajun Book Lady

    "This story was impossible for me to put down." Coffee Time Romance & More

    "The fun never stops and you will find yourself laughing out loud at odd moments throughout the story. Ms. Hodge is rapidly becoming a favorite of mine." Coffee Time Romance & More

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    Happy New Year! Hope you all have a fantastic...

    ✫✫✫✫¸.•°*”˜˜”*°•.✫✫✫✫¸.•°*”˜˜”*°•.✫✫✫✫ ◕▄███▄◕──◕▄██▄◕──◕▄███◕──◕▄███▄◕ ◕▀──██◕─◕██──██◕───◕██◕──◕▀──██◕ ◕──██◕──◕██──██◕───◕██◕──◕──██◕ ◕─██◕───◕██──██◕───◕██◕──◕─██◕ ◕█████◕──◕▀██▀◕───◕▄██▄◕─◕█████◕ ✿♥❀♥❁•*¨✿❀❁•*¨`*•.✿❀❁•*¨`*•.`✿♥❀♥❁♥❀♥❁ .•°*”˜˜”*°•.¸.•°*”˜˜”*°•.¸.•°*”˜˜”*°•.¸.•°*”˜˜”*°•.

  42. Thanks so much, Robin!

    My latest is Guarded Hearts from Lyrical Press:

    What does she fear more, surrendering her privacy or her heart?

    Texas Congresswoman McKenna Jones’s life is in danger when her father’s old enemy surfaces. She’s the target of revenge and narrowly escapes a kidnapping attempt. She's advised to go into hiding until the threat has passed, but her fight to get an important bill passed forces her to stay right where she is. When Ethan Riggins is assigned to protect her it may be a sacrifice on her privacy, but it's no real hardship since he's sinfully sexy and easy to work with.

    For Ethan Riggins, it's a struggle to keep his distance from the congresswoman. McKenna is his assignment, and his friend’s daughter. She also happens to be smart, driven and beautiful. Being around her makes him want to loosen the reins on his emotions, which he's kept in check for far to long.

    When the threat escalates, Ethan and McKenna have to take charge of the investigation so they can discover if a happily-ever-after is in store for them.

    Available at Amazon:


  43. Thanks, Robin!

    My latest western erotic romance is In the Marshal's Arms, and it's only 99 cents.

    Marshal Rhys Burgess always gets his man. To catch a notorious bank robber, he seeks out the man's sometimes-mistress Maddy Colby. She lives on her own on a farm that needs a lot of work. He presents himself to her as a handyman...and waits.

    As he waits, he gets to know Maddy, who is nothing like he expected. Isolated on the farm, shunned by the townspeople because of the choices she's made, Maddy is smart, generous and hard-working--and lonely. Every day he finds her harder and harder to resist...until a snowstorm strands them alone together in the tiny cabin.

    Then Rhys needs to getting his man worth losing his woman?


    It's not yet on Barnes and Noble, sadly, BUT my May release, Eye of the Beholder is there and it's FREE!

    Eye of the Beholder, Free on

  44. Much Ado About Marshals
    by Jacquie Rogers
    Amazon ~ Nook ~ iBook ~ Kobo ~ Smashwords

    Tell the truth and hang, or swear-in as marshal and end up married...

    Daisy Gardner wants to be a detective just like dime novel heroine Honey Beaulieu. To her delight, her sister shot a bank robber and he got away, so now she even has a crime to solve. But her parents insist she marry a man whose farm is miles from town. She can't solve crimes stuck out there. What better solution than to marry the new marshal!

    Rancher Cole Richards saves his friend from robbing a bank, but is shot for his efforts, and now is a wanted man. His friend takes him to Oreana to see the doc, where Cole's mistaken for the new marshal. Now he faces a dilemma few men have to face--tell the truth and hang, or live a lie and end up married. Either way could cost him his freedom.

    Go to my website to see my other books. :)
    Sexy cowboys your thing? Try Romancing The West.

  45. I haven't been able to come and thank each author individually since this event took off like Vin Diesel in a classic muscle car, so I thought I would hop in here before everything gets crazy for New Year's Eve festivities in the real world.
    Thank you all so much for coming and sharing your treasures with us and our readers.
    May 2012 be your most rewarding year yet, spiritually, financially, physically and mentally... did I leave anything out? I hope not.
    Big Hugs and even bigger sloppy kisses to each of you!!

  46. Thanks for the opportunity to share:

    Kindle Bestseller
    ISLAND OF SECRETS Time Travel Gothic Romance

    What if you received a note of warning dated hundreds of years before you were born? What if it was addressed to you?

    A Time Travel-

    A Love Story filled with Suspense-

    A Mystery that will keep you guessing til the end...

    On An Island of Secrets
    One woman, two men and a love that transcends time get a second chance to prevent history from repeating itself. But will love be enough to win the battle against time and stop the force that’s kept them apart for centuries?

    SHANE ALEXANDER has realized he should never have allowed his ex-girlfriend to spend her honeymoon on his island, but he never dreamed she’d run to the tabloids and blab about seeing ghosts. With the future of Leigh Island in danger, he devises a plan to dispel her claims and unknowingly sets in motion events that bring him face to face with a past that not only threatens his future but his life.

    After breaking off her engagement, LILA FITZPATRICK wants a new beginning, but when she agrees to help her roommate by pretending to be a reporter, the last thing she expects to find is the man of her dreams. The question is what will he do when he finds out who she really is?


    THE COUNTERFEIT Historical Romantic Suspense

    Sometimes the Road to Justice is filled with Compromise…

    Jeremy Loud is good at what he does.

    As a Secret Service Operative he’s quick on his feet and a master of his emotions.

    Then, he wakes up naked, disoriented and in physical pain to find a mysterious woman busy at his stove. His first mistake is assuming she’s a barmaid. His biggest mistake is underestimating her ability to get into trouble. Soon he realizes his assignment to infiltrate and bring to justice the infamous Quincy Davenport and his band of counterfeiters might be easier than keeping one strong-willed and beautiful redhead out of trouble.

    Magen MacGuire is determined to find the man responsible for her father’s death and make him pay.

    Then, her plans go awry and a case of mistaken identity leads her to the last thing she expects; a mysterious stranger she could easily fall in love with. She makes a choice to right a wrong, but in her case doing the right thing isn’t viewed as proper and gets them both into even more trouble.

    The odds are against them, but can they find the love of a lifetime before their secrets are exposed and if they do can they overcome the lies?

    Visit my website for samples:

  47. Thank you so much for your generous gift to us.
    I really appreciate the chance to promote my first novella.

    To return the favor, I’m opening my own blog comment section to other writers. Please stop by and promote yourself a bit!

    Title: The Gift
    Length: 21,000 words
    Publisher: Etopia
    Where to buy:
    Amazon (Kindle):
    Barnes and Noble:
    All Romance:

    The Gift is a love story that involves four generous hearts.
    Sammy Jarvis is harboring a secret fantasy and desperately wants to make it a reality. Finally she finds the courage to ask her adoring husband for a special Christmas gift, one that will make her dreams come true. She wants Nick to help her find a woman to make love with.

    What is a man to do? Stymied, Nick turns to his old college lover Carl. While brainstorming the problem, Nick and Carl take a trip down memory lane to the time when they were lovers. With their rekindled desires satisfied for the moment, they devise a plan for Sammy to meet Carl’s girlfriend Gina.

    When Sammy and Gin meet, clothing begins to fly. Being with Gina is everything that Sammy had imagined, but now she wants more. She’s set her cap on Carl as well.

    Sammy’s heart is big enough to encompass them all, but is there room in her marriage to Nick to accommodate her new-found love for Gina and Carl, or will this tangled lover’s heap destroy them all?

    I hope you enjoy reading it!
    Hugs to you all

  48. Hi Robin! I'm having so much fun with this!

    In 2011 I achieved one of my lifelong ambitions, which was to write and publish a novel. The title is Love Has No Limits and I'm very proud of it because it's a very accurate representation of who I am and how I live my life. It is not autobiography but it is authentic. The story follows the adventures of a young Chinese girl who dares to take advantage of the sexual opportunities that she finds in Amsterdam and Berlin, where the sexual mores are so very different from her native China. In the process she learns about her body, her emotions and her true desires. It includes very frank and graphic depictions of sexual activity between men and women so it may not be to everyone's taste but at its core it is a very sensitive novel of self-exploration.

    You can read the first two chapters on my blog:

    If you prefer to devour it whole, you can buy it on Amazon in the US here:

    Or in the UK, here:

    I wish you a joyous 2012 and look forward to reading plenty more ebooks by other authors in the new year, the best of which I will review on my blog.

    Happy new year!

    Vanessa Wu

  49. Thanks for hosting Robin--I posted a link in all my yahoo groups--hopefully readers will love this easy way to browse! Happy New Year all! Meredith