Thursday, December 1, 2011

How my muse used sex gods to ease my melancholy funk!!!

I'm not sure if it's the weather or the lull that sneaks up between Thanksgiving and Christmas, but I have to say that this years melancholy funk is a bit deeper than in years past. I suppose it could be that after having TEN book release in 14 months, I may have abused my muse just a bit and pushed him to the limits of our shared imagination.
He surprised me earlier this week though, when a friend suggested on Facebook that I find new inspiration. See, my muse and I are tight and as with any serious relationship, we tend to take each other for granted. He hadn't been doing much to inspire me as of late and it hadn't occurred to me that he was probably just as tired as I was.
Then he gave me a gift, most men wouldn't... he sent other men to ease my funk.
Now you tell me, what muse would do something that? Well, a pretty damned confident one would and mine is all that and a bag of chips!!
So, if you're in need of a little eye candy, inspiration, or just indulging your naughty side, sit back and enjoy some friends my muse invited over...

I've named this one, "Brady". Don't know why, but I bet if I keep him here for a while, he'll tell me his story. I may even let him find love, but that heroine better be worthy!!

This is "Dante", and for those of you who know me personally, then you understand why he is one of my favorite guests. Yes, this sexy, young hunk reminds me of some rather fond times... ahem, times better left tucked away in my secret box from the good ol' days.
*shaking my head...
I really need to start dating again!!

Moving right along, this models REAL name is Akihiro and I think I'll let him keep it. My house, my rules. Now if he makes his way onto the pages of a new book, we can negotiate a name change, just for the sake of confidentiality and to prevent a lawsuit. LOL!

I honestly don't have a name for this... absolutely breathtaking man, and it's too hard to speak with my tongue dragging anyway. My fingers get a little shaky just looking at him, so typing is pretty much out, too... we'll just sigh and gaze upon his beauty and leave him be...besides, he looks rather comfy.....

I've never wanted to be a terrycloth towel more in my life!!!
Let's call him, "Hunter", which is exactly what this cougar feels like right about now...a hunter ready to stalk her prey.... those abs would sure look good slathered in strawberry sauce... and this cougar has one heck of a sweet tooth this week......

We'll name this papi chulo, Gregorio, (Greg for my Spanish challenged friends)
This young, Latin hunk puts the caliente in my salsa, if you know what I mean.
Besos dulces, mi amor!!!
Muchas Gracias por todos!!!

And last, but certainly not least, you know I had to go there!!!
If this hunky St. Nick doesn't put the Ho! Ho! Ho! in your holiday, then your stocking doesn't deserve stuffing this year. Bwuahahaha!

All in all, I think my muse did a fine job of helping to remind me how to stop and smell the roses. We get so busy around this time of year that it all seems to pile up right here at the end. Sometimes, we just need to take a breath, relax and allow our imagination to reboot. A little man candy goes a long way, too.

I hope you're all ready for Christmas, Kwanza, Chanuka (Hanukka), Las Posadas or whatever you celebrate this time of year and I wish all of you blessing and good tidings for 2012!!


  1. Gulp, Robin! Yum, woza and...I gulp again! Those junkies need to get their butts over here! The pic's alone make your toes curl!
    AKA: Bonnie Lea

  2. Well, delicious inspiration indeed! Thanks for sharing you cougar-huntress, you! LOL

  3. Thanks for stopping by and drooling over my friends! They come equipped with wet wipes for easy clean up....OMG, that sounded pretty yucky! LOL!

  4. Yummy! *pant, pant* LOL

    Robin - I like what you've done with the place...very nice. Not just the eye-candy, it's been a while since I've visited...feels nice and cozy.

    Thanks for starting my weekend out with a ? Good feeling.

  5. good way to get out of a funk! Thank you. : )

  6. That's some serious inspiration. Lol Where do you find these guys? I like how you give them names :) I usually use actors, actresses or singers to picture my characters.
    I love the Christmas music on here!