Monday, December 5, 2011

Just another Manic Monday....

Wish it were Sunday? Why, when we can make Monday our new FUN day!!
'Tis the season to be jolly and you can bet that I've been nice!! So nice, in fact, that I've decided to share the sweet goodness. Make sure you brush your teeth when you leave so you won't develop cavities!!
If you haven't heard, I just had an epic release last month and have another one next week. Yes, 2011 has been one crazy year around here. But, good things have come from the insanity.
One of those good things was being able to meet lots of fabulous new authors and make friends with some totally awesome readers. By the way, if you fall into either of those categories and enjoy visiting Sealed with a Kiss, follow the blog to make sure you won't miss anything in 2012.
Another great thing was being able to share my stories, personal and otherwise, with good people who care and/or understand the plight of a new author.... even an old chic like me!
It's been one helluva ride!
That being said, it's far from over so keep your seat-belts on and crank up the stereo... this party-coaster is just getting started!!
Today, I'm sharing a little snippet from not one, but TWO of my books.... Midnight Beckoning and upcoming new Christmas novella, The Long way home!! Hope you like it...

EXCERPT!  (Paranormal Romance)
      The door creaked open and Lauren gasped as a blood-stained Ford, slowly entered the room.
     “Oh my God! What happened?” She shoved her fists deep into the mattress trying to lift herself from the bed. Collapsing back down, he hurried to her aid.
     “It’s a scratch.” Ford winced as he helped her lean back onto the fluffed pillows behind her. “How are you?”
      “I’ve felt better.”
      He raised his hand and tucked her hair behind her ear, caressing her cheek as he moved it back. “You’ve never looked better.”
      “Why are you covered in…” A strange sensation flooded her nostrils. The back of her throat seized and she felt as though she would suffocate. Her eyes fixated on the crimson stains drying on his brow. Lauren licked her lips, never wanting to taste anything more in her life. “Blood,” she breathlessly added. 
  Ford leaned away. The troubled look in his eyes worried her.
“Lauren, I need you to listen to me.”
The hair on her arms stood on end and all she could think of was the warm blood, pulsating inside him. She sensed the flow as it swished through tiny tunneling veins. The artery in his neck thumped and each beat of his heart thundered in her ears.
“Are you listening?” He lifted her chin, distracting her from the silent inventory she took of the thousands of blood filled veins she wanted so badly to invade.
“Yes,” she reluctantly replied.
“I’m going to do something, but you must maintain control and do exactly as I say.” Lauren searched his eyes, trying to pay attention to the words that were little more than a distant echo in her mind.
Ford inched closer and leaned in. “Are you hungry?” he whispered.
Lauren licked her lips and her mouth instantly watered. She forced a nod.
He placed his hand on her shoulder, keeping her from moving closer.
Glaring at his mouth, Lauren had an overwhelming desire to kiss him.
With his other hand, Ford reached up and rubbed his skin, where the large vein quivered in his neck.
Lauren held her breath. What is he doing? Panic constricted her heart.
A long nail extended from his fingertip and he slowly cut a slit into his flesh. A flood of rich sweet blood seeped to the surface and a force she’d never felt before, caused her body to writhe.
“Look at me,” his serious tone demanded attention.
She did as she was told, keeping the image of the blood she so desperately craved, locked in the back of her mind. She couldn’t speak.
“When it first touches your lips, you’ll be overcome with a desire to gorge yourself, but don’t worry. I’ll stop you from taking too much.” His voice was soft and soothing and a battle raged inside of her to heed his words.
Ford placed his hand on the back of her neck and warily pulled her to him.
Lauren glared into his eyes as the smell of his blood assaulted her nose. In seconds, her lips touched the pierced skin, and the first thrill of a feeding frenzy consumed her.
She eagerly suckled and moaned as the thick nectar slid down her throat. Lauren clutched his shirt and gripped him tight. Her heartbeat quickened as the sweetness filled her mouth.
Flashes of her last encounter with Ford flickered in her mind’s eye. Her hand began to wander down his torso, gliding across his abdomen and lower to the last place she recalled an equal pleasure to what she felt now. She could have all of him now, flesh and blood.

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EXCERPT: (Contemporary Christmas Novella)
Dante opened the trunk as Brent handed him two large flowery suitcases from the back of the truck while Lola walked around and waited at the passenger door of the Cadillac.
Brent lowered his head in defeat then went over, opened the door for Lola, waited for her to sit and closed it behind her, then walked back over to the trunk. “Good luck, man,” Brent said, slapping his hand into Dante’s.
“Ahem.” Lola cleared her throat.
Brent sighed and returned to her side of the car where he squatted down to talk to her.
“I’m sorry. Okay?” He reached in through the open window and rubbed her shoulder. “I’ll be thinking about you. The slopes will be lonely without my baby.”
“Just don’t let any lost skanky little snow-bunnies keep you warm,” Lola whined.
“No problem.” He kissed her on the forehead and stepped away from the Cadillac. “She’s all yours, dude.” Brent smiled at Dante shaking his head with a sympathetic look as though he felt sorry for him.
“Yeah, thanks.” A sudden inkling of angst came over Dante and he almost regretted agreeing to the trip.
Opening the driver’s side door, he slid into the seat and avoided looking at Lola as he started the car.
Brent hopped into his truck and sped off before Dante had even backed the car from the parking spot.
He watched Lola from the corner of his eye as she ran her finger across the fogged glass window and scrawled Brent’s name.
An uncomfortable silence immediately settled in the car.
Dante cranked up the heated defroster, which almost instantly erased the name Lola had doodled.
She glared back at him.
Dante swallowed hard. “Sorry about that.”
“No you’re not.” She folded her arms in front of her.
“No, I guess I’m not. Maybe I just don’t get it.”
“What’s not to get. Haven’t you ever been in love before and hated to be separated? Or are you so hard that love can’t penetrate that macho exterior?”
The hair on the back of his neck pricked his collar. “What does my love life have to do with you pining over a guy who couldn’t wait to get rid of you?”
She was already getting to him.
“You don’t know anything,” she snapped.
“I know enough and I damn sure know—” He stopped before he finished what he was about to say. If he said what he really thought, the next few days would find him in a deeper realm of hell than he’d already feared he was headed. Biting his tongue, he reached over and turned on the radio.
“What? What do you think you know?” she huffed back at him.
Dante could feel her anger rising from across the vinyl seat.
“Nothing—just nothing,” he hissed.
“Yeah, whatever.”
Lola turned up the volume on the radio, straightened her blouse and made herself comfortable. Staring out at the road as it flew past must have been a better alternative than talking to him, which suited him just fine as well.
Dante squeezed the steering wheel tight and clenched his jaw. He’d come so close to saying something he knew he wouldn’t have been able to take back and he probably wouldn’t have wanted to either.
He didn’t know Lola at all, but what he had seen of her, told him she was the most superficial, infuriating twit he’d ever encountered. She was the epitome of every girl he’d loathed in high school. She thrived on a cliché cheerleader mentality and lived for Friday night football games and dating the quarterback. She was forever stuck at a maturity level of a sixteen-year-old kid and nothing like the breathtaking woman she was on the outside.
The next few days would definitely be the longest he’d ever lived.

The Long way Home available December 15th!

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