Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Love Triangles and the Diva's in the middle!!

From the dawn of time, nothing can be more gut wrenching than being torn between two lovers. Cleopatra's messy triangle included Julius Caesar and Marc Anthony and we all know how that one turned out.  She made a complete asp out of herself!!
Guinevere had King Arthor and Lancelot eating out of the palm of her hand and let me tell you this, whether it was fact or fiction is beside the point, Lady Guinevere had more power than Merlin ever imagined!!

Yes, this has been a typical romantic notion for centuries. Give one woman two men vying for her affection and, as they say, the sh** will eventually hit the fan!! Kingdoms will crumble, blood will be shed and yep, you guessed it, some pretty good movies will eventually be made. Show me the irresistible "honey" and I'll show you the inevitable "Money"!!
Today we'll pay homage to the beloved triangle and the famous twisted story-lines that have been created because of them!!

Ahhh! Tristan and Isolde!
Such a beautiful tale of girl saves boy... boy
saves girl back... boy falls for girl... girl falls for boy, too... boy wins girl for adoptive father... boy dies... girl marries boy's adoptive father... boy comes back from the dead... adoptive father dies for real so boy can finally have girl... truly twisted and totally yummy!! Hope I didn't spoil it for you.

The WB's, Vampire Diaries, based on the book series of the same title, created by Harper Collins and written by, LJ Smith, adds a bit of lusty naughtiness to the actual printed version of the books. The characters depicted to the left here are about as hot as they come and as a fan of the show, I can honestly say that when this triangle sizzles, everybody feels the burn... (I'm a fan of Damon Salvatore's character since the actor playing the role, Ian Somerhalder is my secret boyfriend!! Shhh! Just don't tell him... the restraining order is still in effect.)
Good brother -vs- bad brother leaves me torn, since I know that deep down either vampire would literally die for Elena and I'm just glad I'm not the one who had to make that decision when the time came....and no, there won't be any spoilers from me regarding how that finally played out!

Not to be outdone in the vampire romance category, what would the tweens and teens of the world do without Bella, Edward and Jacob? Probably not much considering the latest installment of the movie saga, Breaking Dawn part 1, took in a whopping $138 million on opening night- worldwide!
Geesh, that's a whole lotta teen angst piled into theaters across the globe! Yeah, I was there...hey, I'm a paranormal author with teenage girls, a best friend and step-mom who love vampires as much as I do. We had to go! To be honest though, even while reading the books, I only felt the passion TWICE. The first was when Jacob kissed Bella on the mountain top in Eclipse and naturally the destruction of the bed in Breaking Dawn on the honeymoon. To be fair though, these books are young adult, therefore the sexual tension was curtailed and the scenes were far from elicit. As a writer of both erotic and young adult romance, I totally get that.

Moving on....

We go from threesomes to foursomes and OMG!, don't I wish I was Sookie Stackhouse even on a bad day!
To say the least, this chic brings out the beast in every man she meets!
Whether it be the two dynamic vampires, Bill Compton and Eric Northman sniffing around her jugular or Alcide Herveaux scratching at her bedroom door, Sookie is a force to be reckoned with and can stand on her own two feet. This is one fairy that has magic and knows how to use it!

Now, on to probably one of the most famous love trios in history!!
Don't think for one second that Olive Oyl is an innocent party in any of the battles waged between Popeye and Brutus.
Taking a completely different stand on this triangle, I find myself offended for all woman-kind with the way this vixen wears that tight black skirt, stretched tightly around her too-narrow tail, making sure she shows just enough powder-white leg. She is devilishly calculating, wearing a sweater that accentuates her under-endowed chest, taunting men with her less than feminine wiles. She should be ashamed of herself, luring men to her web of deceit. How can the rest of the women in the world expect to find muscle-bound sailors who love to eat vegetables, with a tart like her on the loose... she gives all women torn between two lovers a bad name!! Shameful, just shameful.

All this being said, I'm so glad I took the high road when creating a little love triangle of my own in Midnight Beckoning.
Lauren Neil would never behave like Olive Oyl when she finds herself stuck between a Vampire Lord and a Damphyr King!
Nope, this lady is true to herself and to her heart...even when it leads her down dark paths she never intended to take.
If you are a fan of love triangles, as I am, please feel free to check this one out, too.
A little twist of fate and a whole lot of temptation, are delicious ingredients to any good romantic love triangle... oh and a little spinach on the side wouldn't hurt, too.

What's your favorite love triangle? 
Leave a comment, I'd love to know!! 

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  1. Love triangles, love them however frustrating they become. I enjoyed this spot!

  2. I was once the center of a love triangle. In the end, I made the wrong choice. I'm a professional at making the wrong choice.

    I always wanted Popeye and Brutus to bro-hug it out and ditch Olive. She is one of the ugliest cartoon characters of all time. Have a cheeseburger and a foot reduction, bitch!