Thursday, December 22, 2011

Spotlight Author, Beth Trissel

It's been a while since we've hosted another author, and I hope you will all forgive me for that. I plan to make up for it by introducing a fantastic author with an even more fabulous book! 
And true to my word, I'll be turning the show over to our guest today... so please help me welcome, Beth Trissel and her novella, "Somewhere the Bells Ring."

*Image of old family home this story is based on.
Somewhere the Bells Ring (The Wild Rose Press) is book three in my ‘Somewhere’ series with a Christmas theme.  The common thread in the series is that the story opens in one place, so far an old Virginia home, and then transports the reader ‘Somewhere else,’ either back in time in the same house or another place entirely such as the Scottish Highlands.  Set in the beautiful old Virginia home place where my father was born and raised and I grew up visiting over the holidays, Somewhere the Bells Ring opens in 1968 during the tumultuous age of hippies, Vietnam, and some of the best darn rock music ever written.   That nostalgic era beckoned to me as did an earlier one, 1918 and the end of World War One.  If you enjoy an intriguing mystery with Gothic overtones and heart-tugging romance set in vintage America then Somewhere the Bells Ring is for you.  And did I mention the ghost?

Caught with pot in her dorm room, Bailey Randolph is exiled to a relative's ancestral home in Virginia to straighten herself out. Banishment to Maple Hill is dismal, until a ghost appears requesting her help. Bailey is frightened but intrigued. Then her girlhood crush, Eric Burke, arrives and suddenly Maple Hill isn't so bad.

To Eric, wounded in Vietnam, his military career shattered, this homecoming feels no less like exile. But when he finds Bailey at Maple Hill, her fairy-like beauty gives him reason to hope--until she tells him about the ghost haunting the house. Then he wonders if her one experiment with pot has made her crazy.

As Bailey and Eric draw closer, he agrees to help her find a long-forgotten Christmas gift the ghost wants. But will the magic of Christmas be enough to make Eric believe--in Bailey and the ghost--before the Christmas bells ring?

“Bailey.” He spoke softly, so as not to startle her.
She turned toward him. In her long, white nightgown, hair tumbled down around her, wearing that lost look, she bore an unnerving resemblance to the mysterious woman in Wilkie Collins’ classic mystery, The Woman in White. Eric fervently hoped the similarity ended there. As he recalled from the novel, that unfortunate lady had been unhinged.
Leaving the door ajar, he stepped inside. “We missed you at breakfast.”
She answered distractedly. “I wasn’t hungry.”
He limped to where she stood, the hitch in his leg a little less pronounced today. Maybe he was getting stronger. “Why are you here, looking for ghosts?”
“Or a door to the past.”
He tried to coax a smile to her trembling lips. “Did you check inside the wardrobe?”
“Eric, I’m being serious.”
“That’s what worries me.” Leaning on his cane with one arm, he closed his other around her shoulders and drew her against him. Such a natural act, and she accepted his embrace without pulling back. She smelled of flowers from her perfume and wood smoke. “Mercy, child,” he said in his best imitation of Ella, “it’s as cold as a tomb in here.”
“It wasn’t last night.”~

* Beth and friends
Available in various eBook formats from The Wild Rose Press, Amazon Kindle, All Romance Ebooks, Barnes & Noble’s Nookbook and other online booksellers.
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  1. Thanks so much for having me here, Robin. I'm honored to be your special guest.
    Somewhere the Bells Ring just got a fantastic review at Romancing the Book yesterday--I posted a portion of it and a link on my blog. :)

  2. I really think this sounds like a wonderful story, Beth. Must go on my TBR list. Congratulations on the release and many sales.