Friday, December 9, 2011

Weekend Dirty Dozen

Here's a blast from the past!!
I've been out of the loop, so to speak, with my Weekend Dirty Dozen posts due to insanity, I suppose! Although I have a Christmas novella releasing in a few days, I've decided to offer this week's sweet morsel of naughtiness from my backlist!! Why? Because if I give you anymore goodies from the novella, you won't have to buy it. You will have already seen most of it. That's the downside of writing novellas. :-)
Anyway, here's something yummy from the last book in my Blood Hunter series, The Return!!

    Raven Prince, a vampire, and Thorne Abbott, her human lover, have endured secrets, lies and even murder. The only task remaining is for Thorne to become a vampire as well. Eternity never looked so good.
    Haunted by the shame of deserting his first true love, Jason Craft, became a hunter of his own kind. Brought together on a mission of revenge, he found sanctuary in the arms of Jazmine Fabré and together they uncovered a startling truth.
    Jason, now an enemy of the Vampire Lord for whom he’d been employed, sets out to save the coven he’s been commissioned to eradicate, which leads straight to the woman he left behind thirty years before, Raven Prince.
    Will fate lead them to where they were meant to be? Or will evil forces destroy them all?
    Sometimes the only way to get something right is to go back to where it all went wrong.

    Dirty Dozen: (In this scene, hero, Jason Craft recalls the night he met a famous vampire/Hoodoo Priestess, Nanette whom he knew in New Orleans at the turn of the 20th century)

    Jason braced as her hand cupped his crotch.
    “Tell me, boy, what's it like sellin' ya'self to those rich ol' ladies up in that fancy hotel?”
    A sickening swill sloshed in his stomach. “I don't sell myself, I provide a service.” He hated the idea of being considered a male prostitute. In his mind, the things he did were an act of kindness and he was merely rewarded for the favor. It was the only way he could stomach it.
    “They satisfy you?” She leaned in, pressing her hand against his chest.
    Her brows lifted high. “You lie.” She laughed then whispered in his ear. “We all lie, boy. Makes the bad taste in ya' mouth a little bit sweeter.”

If you haven't started the Blood Hunter Series... 
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just in time for Christmas!!!
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  1. Very powerful moment Robin- love the intensity and feelings you brought out


  2. Thanks for stopping by, lovely ladies!! Glad you liked it! :-)

  3. Wonderfully written. A must read