Friday, January 13, 2012

BEST words EVER!!!!

I've recently come to realize that the extent of my vocabulary hovers somewhere on the level between a ninth and twelfth grade reading level. 
Pretty average considering I never made it to college, but seriously sad considering I make my living as a writer. 
How I managed to string my limited vocabulary together well enough to write 80k word novels is, in itself, a miracle.
That being said, I decided to go on a hunt.... 
I've picked a few very interesting words and will now kick off my first edition of the... 
Feel free to borrow them... I didn't make the words up, I was just lucky enough to run across them on my word search!!

    Poltroon: a spiritless coward (chicken, cur, recreant) 
    Jonquil: a Mediterranean perennial bulbous herb; has long linear leaves and cultivated for its yellow or white fragrant short-tubed clustered flowers
    Ludibrious: sportive, ridiculous, wanton
    Scintillate: to throw off sparks; to sparkle or shine ------------------------------------>>>>
    Denude: make bare, strip, expose (what naturally happens after a scintillating kiss) 
    Kerfuffle: a disorderly outburst, commotion, disturbance, disruption
    Tumescent: abnormally distended especially by fluids; a clear example of this would be me after a weekend of NFL football playoffs.... so yeah, "I will be tumescent on Monday morning, so don't expect to hear much from me." 
    Stultify: to make useless, futile, or ineffectual, especially by routine. *note... lingering effects of previous word's definition!!

    Flippery: something of little value or significance; ornate or showy clothing or adornment. 
    Bumptious: offensively self-assertive, conceited.

    I have no idea when I will ever use these words, but it's so much fun thinking about it and searching for words some of us have never seen before. If  you do happen to be one of those fortunate brainiacs who already knew them, please don't be a bumptious pain in the rear. Keep it to yourself!


  1. I don't wish to make a kerfuffle, but after reading your intellectual blog, I realize I am not a poltroon. Regardless, I must write a ludibrious reply. After making a lovely perfume from the jonquil herb, I enticed my husband with a scintillating kiss in hopes he might denude me. But alas, after many years of seeing the same old thing, i.e., me naked, his interest can only be referred to as flippery. Perhaps the sight of my tumescent tummy stulified his libido. Not wishing to appear bumptious, may I say my heaving busoms were quite voluptuous once upon a time.

  2. My favorite two words are "limitless" and "money". I especially like it when they come together.

  3. I use Microsoft word and the synonyms tab to help me find new words when I'm writing. Thank you for more new words. ;)

  4. LMAO!!!
    Meb, I've seen your bosoms, though not denuded or heaving, and I must say, they are still quite voluptuous! That comment was AWESOME!!
    Thank you so much for the laugh!!! :-)

  5. @Jon, I like the way you think!!!

    @Davee, Microsoft Word helps me a great deal, as well. Thanks for stopping by. :-)

  6. Robin, is this another one of those porn posts? LMAO

    Anyway, I thought you'd enjoy a little vocabulary trivia...

    In college while studying anthropology, I learned we pick up our basic vocabulary by the age of 4. Voila!

    In Romance Writers of America, they teach you things you don't learn anywhere else. Like...earning a high-school diploma means you read at an 8th-Grade level. Most romance readers are stay-at-home moms who have Bachelor's degrees. Most romancees are written at a 3rd-Grade level, except for fantasy romance and some historical romances. They can grade into 4th-Grade grammar.

    Besides, I was in Creative Writing at college in 2003 (me in my mid 30s) and was always amazed at the young kids who could write lengthy song lyrics using the same 30 words over and over and never repeat a thing!!! *clears throat* It's amazing what we can do with that early basic vocabulary! And, no, my point here is not to be an example of bumptious. LOL

  7. If you did use these words, the reader would more than likely have to dash off for a dictionary! Loved the cat examples of definitions. Looked like my marmalade fat cat.

  8. I don't mean to seem bumptious, but isn't "stulify" supposed to be "stultify"?

  9. I want to be a supportive wanton....Ludibrious, though not the ridiculous part. Fun list of words.

  10. I am that bloated cat--that is truly how I feel some days! ;)

    All I can say is that the simplest way that vocabulary is expanded is by READING. Read EVERYTHING... Non-fiction, fiction, newspapers, magazines, novels, short stories, pamphlets, educational texts...

    All of those words will go into your head and some of them will eventually stick. ;)