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Desperately Seeking a Sexy Muse!!!

    People often ask how my stories come to me, or how I visualize a character. I've always explained that the character originates as a voice in my head, whether it be female or male. It's a rather peculiar process, but it usually leads to a little bit of daydreaming and mental scene weaving. 
    To help put a face to the voice requires a little bit of torturous research that can lead to time consuming distraction. Allow me to elaborate. 
    Let's say I have a character already named and visualized in my head, but now I need him/her to come to life. To do this I must scour the internet searching for "that" guy/girl. Often, I Google a description like "sexy male model". 
    WOAH!!! Can that be dangerous! Of course, it may depend more on what your search settings are. Since my kids don't ever use my laptop, I leave the "safe search" feature off. Hence the distraction! 
    Once the shock wears off, and a cold shower or three, I then click though images until the one I'm looking for pops out at me. This can be frustrating, especially if I find more than one model appealing, and trust me, they are ALL appealing.

      Take Jason Craft for instance, who just so happens to be my favorite character to date AND my muse.     
    He came to life in my "Blood Hunter" Trilogy. First mentioned in book #1, The Beginning, then fully evolved, live and in person in Book #2, The Betrayal, and #3 The Return.

    I found several models who could have easily embodied my vision of Jason.  
    Choosing just one was hard, so to be fair to my muse, I've allowed him to change at will, thereby having all of those gorgeous models rolled into one. My own little sexy harem, if you will. 
    When I began my next paranormal endeavor, Midnight Beckoning, I had another difficult task. I had to find the perfect models to embody two sexy guys, one Damphyr and one Vampire. And let's not forget a dynamic heroine I planned to toss in the middle.
    Not only that, but I needed the perfect location where the story took place, which was a hidden lair inside a mountain.
    Okay, so that part wasn't so hard. But finding creatures to represent hell demons? Not so easy. 

       After turning a bunch of cyber-rocks, I finally found something close enough. 
     Granted, it wasn't exactly necessary, but my muse must have what my muse wants and keeping him happy is my life's goal. 

    That being said, after getting the technical stuff out of the way, the fun part began. 
   <--- Meet Ford Lennox!! 
   This gorgeous creature is model, Bernardo Velasco. Yeah, his name is as sexy as he is! Imagining him in tight jeans, a long, black duster and a massive Glock shoved in the back of his waistband, wasn't so hard at all. Can you see this beefy hero/Damphyr King, tossing a damsel in distress over his shoulder and scaling the side of a building, to escape flying hell demons? It happens every day in my head.    
      Destined to find the perfect mate, he had to be worthy of the queen he'd been seeking for 300 years. 

    Now, imagine the distressed damsel, just waiting to be saved, and I give to you, Lauren Neil!! The human meant to fulfill the prophecy, unaware that the Damphyr lurking inside of her is about to be awakened.
    Flaming red hair and looks to die for!  
    Sounds easy, but red haired beauties aren't always easy to find. I lucked out though, and this darling girl suited Midnight Beckoning's lucky heroine to a "T".

   So far so good, except for one thing...Temptation! 
    Meet, vampire, Evan (a.k.a. model, Leonardo Corredor), the proverbial wrench thrown in to stir up confusion and possibly create a little dissension in the ranks. 
   How can the Damphyrs unite with the Vampires when the Prince of the vamps wants your queen for himself? 
   And Evan isn't even the eveil nemesis of them all... the Incubus behind the entire war!!

    Yes, that IS Jason Momoa as Conan the Barbarian. Now before you get too excited, Drago, the evil incubus who sired Lauren, isn't described how Jason Momoa is depicted here, but finding a model for the character proved impossible. It happens sometimes, so I had to imagine the next best thing and Mr. Too Good to be True, worked for me. Of course, the book was written before Jason portrayed Conan the Barbarian or even Khal Drogo in The Game Of Thrones.
    My creative process isn't perfect, by any means, but it IS how I get things done. It's different for everyone and I find that intriguing. 
    I hope that when you read Midnight Beckoningyou will envision each character with your own unique interpretation, or perhaps my examples will satisfy your need to put faces to the story. 
     I hope you enjoy these hot little excerpts... they may be short, but a little taste of this sexy triangle is called for.
Adult Content

Lauren & Ford...
 Reaching up to touch his mouth, she allowed the very tip of his fang to pierce her skin. Fords tongue wrapped around her finger and he sucked the blood droplets trickling down.
“How long have you wanted to taste me?” she whispered as he sucked harder. Her blood rushed to the surface of her skin. Able to sense the path it took flowing down his throat when he swallowed, the thought of it engulfed her with a sensual burn.
“Three hundred years,” he hissed as he bit down harder on her finger, drawing more blood.
“Im inside of you.” Lauren leaned back, pressing her head against the shower wall allowing warm water to splash down her face and body.
“As I am in you,” he growled, lifting her up onto his waist, clutching her thighs.
Lauren wrapped her legs around him, accommodating the girth of his hardened shaft as he gently slid inside.
A loud gasp filled the room as he pulled her down, plunging himself deeper.
Ford lifted her as though she weighed next to nothing and worked himself within her depths as they writhed together in the shower.
Deep passionate growls vibrated in her chest increasing with each passing second as she clung to his massive body and clenched her thighs tightly around him. Reality far surpassed what she expected from the brief times they’d spent together in the stolen moments of her dreams.
Lauren dropped her legs, forcing him out, and instantly turned away, facing the shower wall. Leaning over her shoulder, Ford kissed the back of her neck, sending thousands of electrical currents across her flesh. She ran her hand behind her back and down to his crotch where she stroked him, urging him to enter her again.
Ford took his cue and did as he was prompted. He slid his hand between her legs from the front and immersed his fingers deep into the warmth of her slick folds.

     Entering her from behind, he massaged her swollen clit rhythmically with his middle finger. Each stroke caused Laruen’s body to shudder under his touch. A ball of electricity gathered between her legs and the pressure built like a volatile volcano.  

Lauren & Evan....
Confusion whirled in her mind. What could they do? “I don’t know. She meandered around the furniture, suppressing thoughts of another need that built inside her. A subtle burn began to grow in the back of her throat. Only this time it wasn’t a hunger for blood. It was something else. Something she only dared to share with Ford.
As a damphyr, sensual desires came all too frequently, the one trait inherited from being sired by an incubus. Usually she could satisfy the craving by beckoning Ford to her bed in a dream, or even better, seduce him in the flesh. Now, she was alone in Drago’s lair with Evan, and there was no way to scratch the itch gnawing at her. Betraying Ford wasn’t an option no matter how bad her body painfully ached for a man’s passionate touch.
“Are you okay?” Evan came up behind her and lightly grazed her hand, capturing her attention.
Turning to face him, she wasn’t about to reveal what his simple, innocent touch did to her insides. Heat radiated up her arm, across her chest, down her torso, finally settling between her thighs. “Yes, I’m only worried about you, she lied.
Evan gently clutched her arms below her shoulders. “I already told you that I’m fine.
Lauren drew in a deep breath and stared into his piercing silvery eyes as a determined thought took over her mind. “How loyal are you to me, really?”
He tilted his head to the side, furrowing his brow as though confused by the question. “I’ve pledged my undying allegiance to you, Lauren. Don’t you believe me?
“Yes, I believe you, but I want to know how far you’re willing to go to please me, she leaned in, her heart racing so loud the sound of it boomed in her ears.
Evan licked his parched lips as he stared at Lauren’s mouth. I think we covered this part a while ago. I would stop at nothing to please you, he breathlessly whispered.
She cupped her hand around the back of his neck and leaned into him, pressing her mouth against his ear, she whispered back, “Then feed.”

I hope you enjoyed yourself today and if you have something to say, please share!! 
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