Sunday, February 5, 2012

Still waters really do run deep! Welcome Lucy Felthouse

   I have an extra confession to make today regarding my never-ending GUILTY by ASSOCIATION proclamations! 
   Though I am not ashamed in the least to declare how pleased I am to be part of the WICKEDLY SEXY WRITER'S BLOG along side my amazing cohort, Lucy Felthouse, I am mortified to admit that she has never been a guest on Sealed With a Kiss!! 
   Say it ain't so!!
   A gross, though unintentional, over-site on my part, I assure you. 
   I'll have lots of time to make up for that blunder now that we share a "child" together, a.k.a. WSW. Anyone who runs their own blog can attest to that comparison. We're fortunate that our 'village' is made up of some quite domineering authors. 
   And domination is right up Lucy Felthouse's alley!! 
   If you don't believe me, just check out one of her seriously hot titles, Punish Me Good...

Two hot tales of fem-dom and BDSM that you won’t forget. 
Punish Me Good
Gorgeous, sexually talented and above all, completely obedient, Malachi loves to please his beautiful mistress. Humiliation, spanking, switching; he’ll take it all and more, for the heady taste of Avery is something he literally cannot live without. 
Trophy Boyfriend
Ethan is what most would call eye candy. He looks good, and is dynamite in the sack. Sadly, he’s also as dumb as a box of rocks, a fact that his girlfriend can no longer overlook. Deciding to end things with the minimum of fuss, she plans for their relationship to go out with a bang. 

   Trophy Boyfriend has been previously published in Cleis Press anthology, Best Bondage Erotica 2012. 

   I've titled today's post, 'Still Waters Really Do Run Deep'   for a reason. 
   I mean, just look at that angelic face. Would you suspect her of telling such yummy tales? Probably not. 
   This photo, with those cute little braids and unassuming smile, may exude the innocence of "Dorothy" from the "Wizard of Oz", but could it also hide something devilishly wicked? Judging by her résumé, one could argue, yes. 
    No wonder she's a major player at the Wickedly Sexy Writer's blog. This lady has it goin' on!
   Even upon closer examination, you probably wouldn't be able to tell, that much like Dorothy, Miss Lucy Felthouse isn't in Kansas anymore, in fact, this darlin' lass hails from all the way across the pond, in England. An interesting fact for sure. 
   There's even more to discover about this Wickedly Sexy Writer, indeed. Here's just a sliver of what I've learned.

   Lucy Felthouse is a self-proclaimed chocoholic, a writer, a marketer and a web geek. She dabbles in a bit of everything; but primarily does the following things:
Write erotica
Read erotica
Create websites
Do PR & Marketing
Lucy has been writing for as long as she can remember, and has been published since 2006 in magazines, books and online.
When she graduated from University, Lucy started working in PR & Marketing. In early 2011 she decided to become self-employed; writing for part of the time and doing web design, PR & Marketing for the rest of the time. You can find out all about the services she offers on her website, Writer Marketing.
Lucy graduated from the University of Derby in June 2006. Her final year dissertation was on erotic literature; and how women’s roles in the genre have increased as social attitudes change.

She has written seriously since secondary school, but it wasn’t until the second year of her A Levels that she decided to go to University and study Creative Writing. In her first year at University of Derby one of her friends persuaded her to have a go at writing erotic literature. So Lucy wrote “Sam & Katie” which was based on her friend’s fantasy of having sex with his high school teacher. She took the completed piece into University where it went down incredibly well with her friends that read it and she’s never looked back.
Lucy has written for various magazines and websites, and you can find a list of books she’s appeared in on her Published Works page.

Her hobbies and interests include; reading and writing, watching films, checking out other writers’ websites and blogs, spending time with friends and family; walking and camping.
Lucy's website has more information about how she began writing, where she’s been published and so on.

You may check out Lucy’s blog to see what’s happening with her latest projects, or head on over and check out her book reviews (which aren’t just of erotic books).
If you’re looking for more general information on erotic writing and authors, she suggests heading on over to Erotica For All. Yes, that’s one of hers!

Here's a sample of some of Lucy's me, she has enough titles under her belt to make your Kindle, Nook or other e-Reader happy for weeks!!

Links to these titles are all on her website, soooooo.... why are you still here? Go on, you know you wanna check them out!! I'll still be here when you get back!!


  1. Nice to know more about you Lucy! Your books sound fabulous! All the best to you :)

  2. congrats on all these amazing book Lucy! keep up the great work