Thursday, February 2, 2012

Wicked OCD's & Author Drea Becraft

    If you didn't know OCD's could be used to your advantage, then you haven't met Drea Becraft!
   Continuing my GUILTY by ASSOCIATION confessions this week, I proudly admit to being connected to this Wickedly Sexy Writer, without hesitation.
     As I've said before, Drea is a phenomenal woman, period!! A wife and mother of three precious girls, this lady has her hands full enough without tossing in the stress that comes along with being an author.
     What? Did you think we have it easy just because we're romance authors? 
      But somehow, Drea makes it look easy. So easy, in fact, that I told her once if I were in the market for a wife, she'd make the perfect one! I even affectionately dubbed her my "wifey"!
    We planned it all out. She and her girls would move from Ohio to Texas and we'd share parenting duties... meaning my older kids would keep an eye on her younger kids while we did the "writing" thing.
    Her OCD tendencies would allow her to do all the housework. Of course, I would cook meals and whatever else was needed, but knowing her, there wouldn't be much left to do.
     While I'm sure she'd rock an apron, I'm not sure my tiny house could handle six kids, two dogs, all of Drea's cats and that overgrown kid, Shane, a.k.a., "the husband".
    Drea Becraft is much more than a mother, wife and friend. She's a Jackie-if-all-trades. She heads up a reader/author yahoo group, a Facebook group for WSW, her personal blog, JBP Reviews as well as that Wickedly Sexy Writers group we've been talking about this week. She certainly has used that self-diagnosed OCD quite nicely.
    Here's a little more about Drea:
  Growing up Drea Becraft wanted to save the world one dead body at a time as a homicide detective.  After high school her dreams turned to the wayside when she found out she was going to be a mother.  Eight years later she is now the mother of three beautiful girls, who are a handful, and married to her high school sweetheart.  When she is not frantically getting two kids to and from school, to cheer practice, or cleaning up the after a full household she enjoys reading anything and everything she can get her hands on.  After a few years of simply reading for enjoyment she began to get excellent ideas for stories of her very own and began to write them as much as time will allow.  Watching as her dreams and characters become solid on paper has been exciting to say the least.  Drea can’t wait to share every dream one story at a time.  Until then she enjoys tons of conversation and laughs on twitter, Facebook, and yahoo loops and would love to hear from you on any or all of them.


Speaking of stories, here's something you may enjoy...
Forget The Yesterdays

      Some say the past defines us, others say to forget it and move forward. For Jack McCloud, the past plagues him with what could and should have been. After the death of the only woman he ever truly loved, Jack finds that forgetting the yesterdays is harder then he ever imagined. Impossible, until one woman comes into his life and turns it upside down making him rethink where his future leads, and whether he really wants to survive it on his own.
Samantha Larsh, a single mother, only wants what is best for her and her newborn son. So when offered a job at ARC Management, she is elated at the opportunity to provide the life they both desperately need. One day, one job, and one secret later her life would be forever changed. Can the future handed to her by fate be enough for her to look forward to tomorrow, or is she forever doomed to live in the shadow of yesterday’s ghost?
      The awesomeness doesn't stop there. 
     Check out a few of Drea's other titles and even one that will be coming in April. You can find all of her titles on her website and several other places she's been known to hang out!

    Drea Becraft's Website:



JBP Reviews

Wickedly Sexy Writers


  1. Awww wifey you made me tear up a little.

    I would totally move to Texas if you'll have me and the kids of coarse ;)


  2. Loved the blog! I think both of you are amazing!

  3. I love reading your blogs, Robin.
    Drea, you just sound amazing :P Lol
    And of course you know you're amazing, Robin :P

  4. Great blog & Drea's books are wonderful. Live For the Todays and Forget the Yesterdays had me crying the whole time. The stories were very emotional and well written. I look forward to reading more books :)