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"Eternal Darkness" Heroine, Layla, Demands the Spotlight!!

   I love it when characters stop in for some much deserved attention.
Today, Layla, from Natalie Hancock's novel, "Eternal Darkness" is here and she's lovin' the spotlight!! 
   Some of you may recall Natalie Hancock, otherwise known as my very own cheeky monkey, from when she visited to celebrate her very first novel release, "Eternal Darkness", last month.
   Please allow me to refresh your memory.  

Layla, a twenty-one-year-old half-breed known as a dhampir, is incredibly beautiful and deadly. She drinks vampire blood for power and to stop the burning hunger.
The vampire academy is a hundred acres of land surrounded by high tech security to ensure that none enters or leaves. She is in the protection.
When she has lessons with the vampires, she struggles with her hunger and has to learn to trust them—a big issue for Layla because of her past, something she can neither forget nor run from. The past that haunts her dreams reminds her that she cannot hide as she lives her life in the academy.
Then there is Shade—an impossibly handsome vampire and Layla’s one-on-one instructor. Desires she never knew rise whenever he looks at her. She cannot stop how her body reacts to his touch or how much she wants his body and his blood.
It is a forbidden lust that they share, one they must keep a secret from those around them or Layla risks everyone finding out who she really is.
Someone wants her dead. Layla’s goals, deal with the vampires who hate dhampir’s and keep herself alive. Can she do it?
Are you ready to meet her now? I am!! 
Welcome, Layla!! 
*warning* adult content 
Tell us a little bit about your world.
My world is full of vampires, werewolves, demons, shifters and angels.
We all live in a dark and dangerous world.
We live in a world full of constant fear as our enemies hunt us.
The humans are smarter than us creatures of the night though. And they have evolved, as have their weapons. They are not only able to render us unconscious without killing us, but they are able to keep us alive long enough for their sick little games.
We are constantly being hunted.                     
I am constantly being hunted.
This is why we have a hundred acres of land for vampires. Though there is one who can rule over most existing creatures, we cannot control them. They have their own ways of dealing with their enemies. Ways to keep themselves alive.
We must think of our own people.
There are so little of us left, especially because the humans are taking out vampires that are not even close to adulthood. They know nothing of why the humans are attacking them. Know nothing about what they should do, should the situation call for action.
I am not there for that reason. I know a lot. More than anyone thinks.
I am here, surrounded by vampires for my ‘own protection’. I do not know how being there could possibly help me. I am always being haunted. Always.

Is expressing love difficult for you? Why?
Expressing love? Yes, expressing love is incredibly difficult for me.
There were times, when I was a little girl, when I would express my love of things naturally.
How times have changed.
Seven years, and I have never expressed my love to anything, or anyone. Not that I remember. I always felt that there was someone, someone who I could love--but he is a figment of my imagination, to escape the nightmares haunting my every move. To escape reality.
Seven years, and when I felt desires I had never felt before from the simplest touch of a vampire, I react badly.
I would think that says it all. The mere thought of getting close to expressing that particular desire seems daunting, even if I cannot stop my body from reacting to the sound of his voice… his touch…

What motivates you to continue on these adventures?
Revenge… I wish nothing more than to seek revenge on those who ruined my life.
Freedom… I wish nothing more than to be free from my hunger, and the nightmares haunting me day and night. Free from those hunting me, those who wish to see me gone.

Have you ever lost control?
Too many times…
I have done things in my life I wish I could go back and change.
So many lives lost… So many innocent people killed…
All to please the hunger raging inside…

What was the best sexual experience you’ve had?
Though I have had only two lovers in my past, they cannot compare to Shade. I cannot even remember my first lover and though I remember my second lover clearly, she is not worth remembering.
Yes, I enjoyed both female and male.
Shade… His Voice is like silk, his touch like a feather caressing my entire body. He can make me feel things that my human lover never could.
And that is with our clothes on.
I tried to resist. It is a forbidden lust we share and I have too many secrets that will be exposed… But the lure of his voice was too strong. I could not resist.
The first time I tasted him… *Chuckles* Seems I am not the only one who feels such strong emotions, put it that way. The feel of him… The taste… It is hard to resist and I wanted, and will always want more.
The first time I allowed him to touch me… It is hard to explain. It was as though a million volts of pleasure shooting through me. Every nerve ending was alight with fire. I have no control of the feelings he makes me feel.
The first time we had sexual intercourse… His touch alone could bring me pleasure unlike anything I had felt… But when he was kissing me? Tasting me and inside me? Now I most definitely cannot explain that feeling.
Try this… Imagine finding someone, and at first glance, you cannot look away. Imagine looking at that person and feelings you have not felt before course through your body. Imagine that with just a word, just a breath, you're overcome with all of those emotions, and you're unable to control how your body reacts, how your mind reacts. You want that person so badly, you would kill for them, no matter who the person.
Imagine that person touching you, and making your body react so strongly, you feel as though you're going to explode. Imagine feeling hunger, for both body and, in my case, blood, like you’ve never imagined, and when you taste them, you cannot stop, you want more of them, and then imagine drinking their blood…
*Chuckles* Do I have your blood boiling yet? That is how I feel when Shade and I are together.

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