Friday, March 2, 2012

I LOVE a man in uniform!!

FYI: Tyler Robbins is my pseudonym 

While doing research for my current work in progress titled, "Beyond His Honor", I started thinking... I know, that can be dangerous, but hey, some risks are worth taking and as long a nobody is injured or maimed, it's all good, right? 
"Beyond His Honor" will be a romance, like no other I've ever undertaken, simply because it involves our Nation's military and the different types of people serving. 
It will be the first time I write a story based on the recently withdrawn military policy of "Don't ask, Don't tell"
I won't be arguing political or moral opinions on the subject because I'm a romance author, not a political or religious commentator. I'll simply do what I do and tell a love story. 
My research brought up a statement I've heard people say and one I've said dozens of times myself: 
"I LOVE a man in uniform!"

Elvis Presley 1958
I'm not sure what it is that draws us in. Perhaps it's the age old idea of the gallant "knight in shining armor" we expect to ride in and save the day, save the girl, or hell, just ride in period, so we can gawk at him. 
My mother was in love with one soldier, though I'm sure it had less to do with his uniform and more to do with his naughty gyrating hips. 
I'm not going to get into the details of it all or whether or not he actually saw combat. 
I'm here to talk about that uniform and how it effects us on a more primal level. 

David James Elliot in "JAG" (TV)

Whether it's on television, the silver screen or even in a magazine, there's something about the military premise alone that demands attention. 
For me, it symbolizes a sense of strength and honor, not to mention the fact that upon first sight, I instantly feel safer. 
As a woman, my basic instinct naturally draws me to that kind of man. I'm not saying that's the only kind of man I'm drawn to, I'm merely pointing out that a man in uniform generally does it for me more often than not. 
In a way, the uniform transforms a man into something more, something greater, something admirable. But is it the uniform that makes the man or the man that makes the uniform? Perhaps both.  
To me, I think a man naturally has the "right stuff" based on how he was raised, his moral beliefs, and his ability to stand alone and face adversity with his head held high and his mind focused on what lies ahead. 

Richard Gere/Debra Winger in "An Officer and a Gentleman" 1982
Can a uniform alone do that? No, not literally, but it can add that "it" factor to push the already valiant hero over the top, and if he wears that uniform like a suit of armor, nothing can stand in his way. 
And when it comes to love? LOOK OUT!! I think "An Officer and a Gentleman" proved that there is noting sexier than a soldier in love!

Tom Cruise- "A Few Good Men"
Unless you consider a soldier standing up for what he thinks is right.
The determination in a man's eye when he fights for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.... yeah, that's sexy as hell.  
Movies, books, television shows...they offer us the dramatic story... the whole package... the polished shoes, the crew cuts, 'the smell of napalm in the morning', but more importantly, they keep our minds on the real heroes that are hunkered down in some trench dug in the desert sand. 
They remind us that somewhere out there a soldier keeps watch... a man or woman wears a uniform for more than a role they're playing in a movie. 
They wear that uniform for a reason... to protect and serve their nation, whether it be the US, Canada, England, Australia or every other nation standing for freedom, democracy and the rights of all people; rich, poor, educated, illiterate, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Agnostic, Atheist, Gay, Lesbian, Straight... the list goes on and on. 

Channing Tatum in "StopLoss"  2008

Bottom line: They represent and  stand for us ALL. 
They unselfishly leave their families behind. Wives, husbands, parents and children make sacrifices everyday for every peace loving individual on the planet. 
So you see, the uniform is so much more than tailored coats with shiny medals pinned on the lapel. So much more than the stripes on the sleeve, or the shine of the boot. 
A man or woman in a uniform is so much more than their "dress blues" or their more commonly recognized camouflage "combat uniform". They are heroes in their own right and they have a voice, whether it be the battle cry of a mighty "Hoorah"  or the cadence of a united march. The Proud! The Brave! The Warrior!
2012 will be a big year for me and I'll be writing more about characters who protect and serve. 
Some will be military and some will be police officers, but you can rest assured that they will all represent the basic premise of good conquering evil. 
I hope you will join me as I take this journey. 
Be warned though, there will be lots of love and romance going on, after all, that IS what I do best. 


  1. I'm married to a man I met when he was in uniform. :) Of course, I was in uniform then, too. I'm planning to see Act of Valor when it comes out because I want to see what these guys can do. I've seen a lot of ads and videos about how it was made -- now I want to see the real thing. The bottom line will not really be how good the soldiers are, though, but how good the filmmakers are at telling us a convincing story. Writers give the characters a world to live and breathe in, and without that, the best actors (or characters in a book) can only do so much.

  2. There is something about a man in unform! My hubby is an EMS pilot and I just LOVE him in his uniform...not exactly military but I'll take it!