Sunday, March 25, 2012

Lights, Camera & Cover Model Ashalee Vita

If you've read a great deal of romance novels, chances are you've picked up a book with Ashalee Vita's beautiful face, daring curves and electrifying sex appeal blessing the cover. I count myself lucky to be one of those authors whose heroine is aptly represented by Ashalee. 
Well today, Ashalee is here and she sure is shining in the spotlight... a place I'm sure she finds quite comfortable. 

I was thrilled Ashalee agreed to come hang out with us. 
The entire idea was a spur of the moment thing, brought up while several of my Facebook friends discussed a status update I'd posted last week about the right boys missing the right girls who are more often than not, right in front of them.
It became apparent that men are compeletely clueless.
New flash, right?

Ashalee, who is also one of my friends on Facebook, happened to chime in as well and the thought occurred to me, "Wait a minute. This happens to her? A gorgeous model? The actual model who portrays one of my own dynamic heroines, Julia Benson on the cover of "Flesh Wounds?"
Okay, so it was kind of shallow of me to think that, and trust me, the shallow end isn't a place I want to spend a lot of time... not with these thighs!
It then came to me... (I was on a roll with epiphanies that day)... we, as women, have certain preconceived notions regarding other women, especially when it comes to women who have been blessed with exceptional beauty. 
Those notions aren't really fair and fortunately, most of us shed the initial negative thoughts that accompany first impressions. That is, of course, after we get past the whole, “I’d like to choke her,” part.
Well, thank goodness I didn't choke Ashalee. She's far too much fun not to have around. 
And since she's here, let's get to know her a little better, shall we? 

Tell us, Ashalee, where are you from? Cincinnati, Ohio.
How long have you been a model? Since 2006

What first led you to this career choice? 
Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve been told I have a voice for TV and the looks of a model. My mother always told me I was a Star.

I think your mom was right. You're certainly well on your way to stardom

What do your family/friends think about your photos, especially those yummy poses with sexy male models? 
They’re very supportive

That's always a good thing. 
Having seen a lot of your photos, what do you think about those compromising positions you’ve been photographed in? 
It’s all business and that’s the way I look at it, It’s my job.

Looking at it that way must do a lot to calm the nerves. 
It's easy for us to see how attractive you are, but do you see yourself as beautiful and sexy as the rest of the world may see you? 
Most days, but we all have our ups and downs.

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That we do.
Tell us, Ashalee, what was the first thing you thought when you first saw yourself on the cover of a romance novel? May we ask the name of the book? 
I'm another step closer to my goals.  "Sensual Pleasures" by Jodi Olson

Have we seen your lovely face anywhere other than book covers? I've landed several big gigs and have more to come.

That's fantastic. So, is modeling as “romantic” and “exciting” as it looks? 
Nothing romantic, but exciting, yes. I love being in front of the camera.

We can tell. I’ve seen some poses that look as though the models are playing twister. How do you keep all your “bits and pieces” where you need them while shooting sensual photos? 
Other individuals on set.

Ahh! Come to think of it, I recall noticing some of your counterparts hands and arms strategically placed, so I can see how that hides those parts when nudity isn't needed. 
As one of those popular models gracing so many romance novel covers, do you picture yourself as the heroine the way authors and readers may? 
I think so but haven’t reached all of my goals.

Hold onto your hats boys and girls, we're gonna move on to more personal question….

Ashalee can you share with us what dating is like for a model? 
It's hard to find a man secure enough about himself to overcome jealousy while other men are shooting romantic images with me. The Majority of men I've dated have a hard time with this line of work.

I can imagine the little green monster rears it's ugly head quite often. Do you think men find you intimidating or perhaps assume you’re unavailable because you’re a model? Intimidating when they first meet me, but after getting to know me they say that my looks and personality do not match.

Do you find it difficult to judge whether a man sees you for who you really are, or do you wonder if some men are into you for the wrong reasons? Do you think your career and fame plays a big part in that? 
I do, I can usually distinguish between the two.

As I mentioned before, some friends and I had a discussion about boys not seeing the perfect girl standing right in front of them. Has that ever happened to you? If so, what did or can you do about it?  
Yes, Ive tried proving myself, but still have yet to accomplish that.

I sincerely hope the next time it happens that you will not only snag the right guys attention, but that you keep it. Speaking of  Mr. Right, what’s your idea of the perfect man? 
One that loves me for who I am.

That's very important. 
Okay, so if Mr. Right were to happen along, what’s your idea of the perfect date? 
Dinner, then home for a movie with lots of cuddle time.

Ahh, sweet and simple. I like the way you think. 
What’s one thing a man can do to make you feel sexy? 
Compliment me in the morning J

Ha! You and me both, honey. Bed head is sexy as hell!! 
What’s the easiest way for a man to piss you off? 
Being selfish.

I totally understand that. 
What are your plans for the future? Do you see yourself getting married? Having kids? 
I do hope to be married in the future with two beautiful children.

I wish you lost of luck with that. I have a feeling you'll get what you want when the time is right. 
If you could offer advice to young women about the way they view themselves, what would you say? 
Love yourself and be who you are, the rest will fall into place.

Advice I'm sure my teen daughters will love to hear. I
f you could talk directly to those men out there who are “missing the forest for the trees”, what would you say? 
Never pass up a good thing and don’t let another man make your women happy.

Amen, sister!!
If you had one shot to tell the guy of your dreams how you feel, what would you say? 
Oh, Paul Walker. I would first ask him if he were single. If not, I'd ask if he believed in affairs.

Okay, REALLY personal now…
Whipped cream, chocolate syrup or strawberry sauce?? Strawberry Sauce

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done in public? 
GOT IT ON!!!!!  At the beach, on the stairs of the lifeguard shack, and I would do it again.

I knew you would fit right in here with us, Ashalee!!
Tell us something else. What's the ONE word you’d say best describes you. 

If we were to ask your best friend, what would he/she say is the one thing you can’t stand? 

What would they say about the wrong men you've dated?  
That I brought out a personality those guys didn’t even know they had, and it was their loss.

Is there anything I haven’t asked that you would like us to know about you? 
I'm addicted to cheese and mustard and also Unsweet tea.

What an unexpected combination. LOL!
Where can we find you, Ashalee? Website? Modeling agency? Agent? (Under construction)
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I really want to thank Ashalee Vita for sharing so much with us today. Y'all be sure to keep an eye out for this stunning beauty. I have a feeling she'll be gracing more romance covers near you very soon!!


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