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Who's ready for some Erin Sinclair???

Me! Me! Me!
      I've been with my publisher for a couple of years now and I have met some really awesome authors there. Some, I've come to consider friends. Erin Sinclair is one of those people. 
      Today we're going to gorge ourselves on so much Erin Sinclair we just may explode.... but in a good way! 
      And since I have so much to share, I'm not going to waste much time charming you with my never ending wit and humor. So, let's get down to business...
Welcome, Erin. What would you say has been your biggest influence on becoming a writer?
First, I would like to say a big thank you to Robin Badillo for inviting me to her fun blog! Second, I would like to say hello to all the readers out there and welcome!
Among the usual suspects (life, other authors, imagination), I’ve had many people compliment me on my ability to write well, no matter what it is that I’m penning at the moment. What I mean is, throughout my life I’ve been in some sort of administrative/clerical support role or another. My writing ability, technical or otherwise, is my strong suit and my employers relied heavily on it. 
I have literally been writing since I was eight. I wrote silly stories that entertained me personally, journaling as an emotional release, eventually with the intention for publication. I’ve had English teachers who told me I had raw talent and to keep working on the ability. I once had a man to whom I wrote a customer service rejection letter call my supervisor to tell me how impressed he was with my letter. While he didn’t agree in principle with what he read, he (a psychologist) and his wife (a college English professor) read it twice before they felt it imperative they call my Director of Operations to tell her what a great writer I was and to value such talent. That was a fun, cool experience and a lovely compliment. LOL
Despite those moments, though, I did not believe my voice sophisticated enough until I was in my forties before writing for publication turned into an actual goal instead of staying in dreamland. I have always wanted to write for a living. I finally conquered my inner critic and personal insecurities, joined a writing group on the recommendation of my friend and fellow author, Lynn Crain and started writing. It was through that group I met my friend and critique partner, CR Moss. She recommended me to Devine Destinies, Editor- In-Chief, Jay Austin and Publisher, Tina Haveman. I submitted the Fallen Angel trilogy to them on speculation with the appropriate query letter and synopsis. They gave me the opportunity and I wrote my little fingers off on the first novel, Twilight’s Son. I was fortunate enough to have it sent to print very early on in its publication. I am working on the third and final book, Garden of Eden as I answer these questions. J

How did you feel when you got your first publishing contract?
Can’t write that feeling as a past tense experience. I’m elated, flattered, excited, jazzed, doing the Snoopy Happy Feet Dance any time I recall it. LOL

What makes a book great in your eyes?
       A good book engages me. The writing, the lyricism of the author’s voice, the creativity of the plot, realistic dialogue given the nature of the book, all of it combines into a satisfying mix of entertainment or research that makes me recommend it to a friend. A great book contains a certain majesty. It is a precious jewel in my opinion, one to cherish and keep forever. Its originality, voice, rhythm, nuance, even the editing is so well done that it suspends my disbelief. I become lost in the novel believe it to be real as I enjoy each chapter. I will not only recommend it, I will buy it for a friend as a “must read” gift and will definitely keep a copy in my library for personal inspiration.
What is the biggest piece of advice you can give a beginning writer?
It isn’t enough that you want to write the next great American novel or believe that you can whatever the genre. Learn the craft of writing and learn to do it well. Honor the language you write in and learn its rules.
        You MUST prepare for the business end of writing because it has changed drastically. Not even the big New York Six [publishers] market an author the way they use to in the distant past. The onus falls more and more on the author to not only write, but market as well.
Make SURE your story is clean and by that, I mean well edited. Reviewers are pointing out these issues more and more (that includes the NY publishers). Whether an author likes it or not, the duty is not only on the editor to catch errors. In my opinion, any writer that believes that is just lazy. The cleaner your manuscript is when turned into your editing staff the higher quality product produced.
The old saying that everyone has a book in them is bunk. Just because one wants to write a book does not mean they have the ability to do so. Writing well is a gift to cherish and a talent to hone. Even the best athletes practice, practice, and practice some more. There are many awful books out there so check your ego at the door because no one, with very rare few exceptions, writes well from the beginning. You learn over time to find your rhythm and your voice. I for one cannot stand diva anything. I am always grateful for the gift that I have now I am learning to develop my craft through practice and higher education. I always remember the simple saying, "Pride goeth before the fall." In this very public business people will remind you of your misplaced arrogance when you do so do not enter this field lightly.

Do you have any guilty pleasures?
Designer perfume and gourmet chocolate. I will have zero qualms buying a perfume I love and spending the money on it if I’m obsessed with it. It’s gourmet chocolate--rich, creamy, decadent dark luscious chocolate, need I say more?

Seems we have both of those things in common!! What are you working on now?
I am currently working on the third and final book of the Fallen Angel trilogy titled Garden of Eden. It literally takes place in the span of seven days. Yes, it is a plot element purposefully written into the story. I use Catholic angelic mythos combined with New Age ideas to anchor my characters’ story. Shade, Brie and Uriel will be tested in ways they have not been in the prior two novels. The plot takes place on a grand scale where an entire city is threatened, however, that is only the backdrop. The story line builds to a satisfying crescendo between the three main characters. I like where this novel is going and how it will end. I believe fans of the Fallen Angel series will too.
After I complete this novel, I am moving on to my Big Fat Greek Tall Tales novellas. There are five or six more left (I haven’t decided yet). The series began with Cupid’s Folly.
Once that is complete, I am moving forward with my young adult series and searching for an agent to represent me in NY for it. The series is paranormal in the basic plot, a comedy-drama, but also a literary coming of age story as well. Four main characters in a small East Coast town are entering high school together. I find that high school is a great metaphor for many things not the least of which is the paranormal. Who hasn’t felt or experienced an event of “out of ordinary” expectations when they were a high school student? In addition, there are so many rites of passage we go through during high school it seemed a fitting place to center very normal teenagers in that venue. They are learning about themselves as they try to explain and understand the unexplainable and the confusing.

Who is your favorite all-time author?
I have a difficult time answering this, but if I’m forced to choose, I’d pick Marion Zimmer Bradley first (Avalon series, Darkover series) with Anne McCaffrey (Dragonriders of Pern series) tying. I plan to read the Acorna series and the Brainships series especially now that she passed away from a stroke at the age of 85. How I wanted to visit Ms. McCaffrey’s Dragonhold in Ireland, to meet her over a cup of tea. She welcomed all fans and visitors to her sanctuary, blessings to her and her family. Her legacy will live on. It’s my understanding her son, Todd McCaffrey, has written and co-written other novels in the Pern series. I look forward to reading those as well.

Are love scenes easy/difficult to write?
Easy now, but only because they are written within the context of the story to move it along. I do not write a lovemaking scene arbitrarily nor will I. That’s almost an invasion of privacy to me as odd as that sounds coming from a romance writer. It has to make sense to what is going on with the characters at the time. moreover, I write sensually, I do not use four letter words or purple prose. The “harshest” scene I ever wrote was between a hooker and a televangelist in Twilight’s Son. It was a plot device to develop the personalities of the two individuals involved. I kept the language and the scene very “clinical” because of the nature of the relationship of those two sub-plot characters that used one another. That was the nature of their personalities. There is no room for romance or sensuality in that type of scene, in my opinion. 

Do you write in one genre or several different ones? And why?
Right now, it’s paranormal romance and romantic comedy. I feel the calling to write in young adult and have planned to do so for a long time. I also want to illustrate children’s books. Literary is tapping my and my muse’s shoulder, so I’ll see what happens with that avenue one day.

 Do you have another career besides writing? What is it?
I’m currently pursuing a BA in English and a BFA in Art. Being a student is my career. I am also a student worker at the university. I am serious when I say I want to illustrate children’s books and write in the young adult genre. What can a writer do when the muse is insisting? J

To date, which is your favorite story? Which one did you have the most fun writing?
I loved writing Cupid’s Folly and can’t wait to tackle the rest of the Greek gods living in 21st century San Francisco. I cracked myself up the whole time I wrote it. I loved taking such a lofty and sometimes “taken too seriously” mythos such as the Greek gods and playing with their stories. Besides had a lot of fun poking at attorneys (another holier-than-thou institution that needs some humbling and a large dose of humor) in that novella, you will probably see more of the same in future novellas.

If you had the opportunity to say one thing to your readers, what would that be?
Never stop reading and dreaming. It is the cheapest form of entertainment and your imagination’s greatest lover.

*Whipped Cream, Strawberry Sauce or Chocolate Syrup?
Please refer to guilty pleasures. Chocolate, of course. J 

*What is the craziest/sexiest thing you have ever done in public?
Craziest thing I ever did was drive in a powerful sports car on the highway shoulder of a major East Coast highway (and a sheer 100-foot hill drop on the other) to pass up a traffic jam because I was running late for school. The Lord protects drunks and fools. I was not drunk nor would I ever drink and drive. I was foolish, but spared the possible consequences of that stupidity, thank goodness.
Sexiest thing? That’s between the hubs and me. I recommend reading Garden of Eden, it will give you an idea. LOL
Now let's take a look at the books we've heard so much about...                         "Loving an angel can be deadly!"

First class homicide investigator, Lieutenant Detective Brie Carter, is falling in love with an angel. Brie is the former heavenly companion of Ezekiel, Angel of Earth, guardian to human beings. She chooses to serve humanity by returning to the physical world as a police officer in Denver, Colorado, while Ezekiel stays angelic. When he realizes he does not want to exist without her, he descends and becomes human, now calling himself Shade, as he is only a shadow of his former self. The love Shade holds for his beautiful counterpart is potentially endangering her mortal life when his choice to become human does not sit well with Uriel, the Archangel of Judgment, who believes their union to be an abomination. The Archangel descends to Earth to stop the lovers at all costs, even if it means Brie's demise. Both angels soon learn, to become human has very powerful consequences, not only for those they become involved with, but for them. Will Shade and Brie's love for one another withstand the pressures of human existence? Will they be able to resist the implacable Archangel of Judgment while guided by the greatest reward humanity has ever received - the gift of free will?

Brie’s toes curled as she stretched, then hunkered down under the inviting sheets of her bed and closed her eyes. She could not release the image of Shade and her mind gave way to espresso rich imaginings, hot and fresh, roasting her as they enveloped each other and lay down in soft white sand. His exquisite hands traveled her nude form inch by daring inch, across her thighs, over her warm skin. Tanned fingers traced the bone of her pelvis, nipping teeth followed. She gasped. Seeking lips nibbled her Venus mound focusing on her pulsing need, suckling her. His tongue danced along her nerves, fire turned to starlight, then brilliant sun, which beat down on her alabaster torso. Perspiration drenched her and him, the Amazon flowing from every pore, the Nile pouring between her thighs. She cried out his name as the wave crashed and rolled, forced her awake.
Brie bolted upright, gasping as the final throes of an incredible orgasm drifted away leaving her startled, sated, wanting more. Her heart slowed its ragged pounding and she realized her bedclothes were gone, crumpled lumps on the floor by the bed. She touched the moist remains of sweat and sexual aftermath drenching her sheets.
What am I going to do? Sinking her head in her hands, the length of her hair covered her face, providing her shelter.
Her obsession with the beautiful stranger, whom she somehow knew without knowing, escaped the boundaries she wanted to establish. She was out of sorts, undone by her longing for him. There was no choice but to make a concerted effort to stay away from him for a while, to shut down her senses until she could maintain a modicum of decorum when near him. If she did not she would wind up making a complete idiot of herself.
Sleep demanded her return and she moved away from the damp side of the bed. The rumpled flat sheet cascaded to the floor. Too hot to put her pajamas on she lay back, fell asleep and barely awakened in time to get ready for work.
"To the scorned heart,  vengeance lasts forever."
Brie and Shade’s relationship ignites and the intensity of it takes Brie's breath away. She reveals herself in ways to Shade never before exposed to any man she‟s loved. Shade is ecstatic that the woman he exists for is returning his love for her. He knows beyond any shadow of doubt the doorway to her heart is now open for him to enter.
In the meantime, Brie takes on a baffling murder involving famous local artist, Maggie Norris. Maggie's slaying makes no sense to the detective, as her best friend had no enemies, knew no conflict in her life. Brie teams up with veteran Denver Metro homicide detective, Rachel Lopez, who is in charge of the Norris case. Together the pair find dead-end after dead-end in the investigation, until they realize someone is attempting to stop Brie from finding answers.
When Shade discovers Brie's life is in danger, he becomes terrified, then enraged at the thought of losing her. As the pressure mounts on the beautiful couple, the kind and gentle angel of Twilight's Son takes a backburner to the fearsome warrior who will protect Brie at all costs. He refuses to yield the one gift both lovers received when they were born—the gift of choice. 

“She turned to Shade. His eyes flashed to yellow gold and a thrill of desire blasted through her. Their ability to change on a dime still filled her with amazement, but she had long ago accepted it was a unique trait of her lover.
Stepping forward with jaguar grace, Shade grabbed her by the lapels of her leather jacket. He pulled her into him, plunged his mouth over hers, his need of her evident.
He was the deluge to her thirst. It was as if she had wandered in a desert and found an oasis. She collapsed towards him, returned his fervor with desperate desire. Her knees weakened. Shade lifted Brie into his arms, carried her to his dressing room.
He locked the door behind him and placed her on a sheepskin rug. He straddled her hips and removed her jacket, tossed it on a sofa across from his dressing table. Shade caressed her arms, trailed his fingers down to her belt buckle. Brie shook her head. “Now,” she demanded. She was in no mood for foreplay, wanted him inside her before she burst into flames. Tonight was about need, about demand, about pure primitive mating.
Shade ripped the button down shirt from her body. Brie tore the g-string from his hips, exposed his want. Within seconds, her boots and pants were gone. He flipped her on her stomach, impaled her flooded core, bit her neck and left shoulder in unadulterated lust as their nude bodies rocked in time to the base of the music they could hear from beyond their room. Within moments, growls of orgasm competed with the sheer power of the song, driving them to their end. Brie grasped Shade, wrapping lithe legs around his thighs and rolled with him, until she sat on top of him with her back to his face. His hands grasped her hips as she plunged and gyrated, finishing them both in synchronized climax. Although satisfied she was not satiated, the night had just begun.”
Garden Of Eden
"The golden eye of justice seeks one of its own."

"Ecstatic that Brie is opening to him more and more Shade continues to pursue a future with the tough as nails detective whose love for him has surpassed anything she has ever experienced with other men she has known. Shade is now following his heart's desire to become a physician while planning the perfect evening with the love of his existence. He has an important question to ask her, one that will change their lives, forever.
 And yet, a terrible danger has fallen on the sprawling city of Denver. Against the backdrop of a homegrown terror plot, Uriel, the Archangel of Judgment, is unable to remain passive. Her friend, Daniel Tompkins, lies in a hospital room due to a senseless act of violence. Overwhelmed by the grief and sorrow of Dan's wife and young son as they watch his life hang in the balance, Uriel goes on the hunt. She will find who did this to him and she will execute the kind of justice only the Archangel of Judgment can do. In the heat of battle as a darkened city succumbs to fear, the Uriel of old returns with a vengeance. As Uriel meets and confronts many denizens of the darker side of humanity in her search for Dan's attacker, her anger leaves a trail of destruction behind her. Old resentments and rage build against the relationship between Brie and Shade. She will return her brother to his rightful place within the Heavenly Host even if it costs Brie's life and Shade's. Who will triumph in the end? One who loves or one who learns?"
An intensity of light forced Brie awake. Her head throbbed. It tended to happen when the whiskey flowed freely, the toasting robust. She pulled a pillow over her to block out the enemy.
“Uh-uh, love.” Shade’s enigmatic, accented baritone was usually enough to send instant desire through her. Right now, she wanted to slap duct tape over his mouth.
She tried to recall where she put her service weapon. “I’m armed.”
“Not at the moment,” he leaned over and bit down on her exposed outer thigh.
Brie gasped and pushed forward, smacking her head into her upholstered headboard. Somehow, the bump didn’t have the same erotic effect on her as it did last night. Collapsing, she groaned.
“You have to get up,” Shade admonished.
“I don’t recall saying anything about having to…,” her voice trailed away. The pounding increased and had the nerve to travel throughout her body.
“You promised Sam you’d be there by noon.”
Tactical training day. She groaned again. He’s gonna kick my ass.
“I think I said it was voluntary.” Brie sat up. She found if she balanced the pillow on her face and head just right, it muffled her hearing and prevented the evil sun’s rays from stabbing her in the eyes.
Her lover removed it. “Much better,” he smiled and kissed her nose.
Brie’s eyes watered and she blinked her way into consciousness. She attempted to stand and walk, noting if she stopped her forward momentum, it gave her head time to think and thinking caused more pain. Walking in a circle seemed to help, but Shade’s warm hands guided her into the limestone-tiled shower where hot, steamy water beckoned to her. Before she entered, he gave her a handful of pills and a vile looking concoction in a crystal tumbler.
“What are these?” Brie shook her hand, tossing three large pills, each a different color, in her palm.
“B-12 among other vitamins. A green smoothie. Don’t worry about the taste. It doesn’t last long.”
Although she had been a smoker, Brie hadn’t taken a drag from a cigarette, much as she wanted to on occasion, in over a year. Therefore, her sense of smell was acute. It wasn’t lying to her, she caught the scent of fresh mown lawn. Shade may have discovered the power of green, she, however, wasn’t a fan. When the liquid hay hit her tongue, combined with the gulp of vitamins, she could honestly say she knew what a horse’s breakfast tasted like.
Swallowing hard, forcing the mix past her natural inclination to heave it into the toilet, Brie groaned. Rinsing her mouth once the pills and smoothie were safely in her stomach, she gasped. “You could have provided me a chaser.”
Shade laughed as Brie joined him in the shower. He dunked her under the large showerhead and soaped the length of her platinum hair. “Like what?”
Brie sputtered. “Bacon, pancakes, maple syrup, orange juice…”
She groaned in pleasure as he cleansed her scalp, finding the pressure points to force her muscles to relax. “I will give you ten minutes to stop that,” she sighed.
“It’s eleven…if I make you late, Sam will have no problem taking it out on me.”
Laughing, she turned to wash Shade. “You sound a little scared.”
“I don’t think he’s forgotten the night I showed up at the safe house.”
Cocking an eyebrow, she pursed her lips. “Yeah, good point. He’s just forgiven me. Still though, he likes you.”

Erin would like to share where she and her books may be found:
I write for Devine Destinies. All of my works are at the site below:
Search for author Erin Sinclair and all of the novels/novellas I’ve written thus far are under my name plus some cool reviews, too. As time allows, you can find me at the Devine Destinies chat room and soon I’ll start posting blogs there.
I can be found on Facebook as erin.sinclair.writer.
I can be found on Twitter as ESinclairWriter.

My website is down for the moment as I’m developing a new look. Should be up and running by June, 2012.

I love hearing from my readers at or on Facebook. So feel free to say Hey There!


  1. Fantastic Blog Post and Interview! I love hearing/learning more about authors that are "new" to me. I sooooo want to read your Fallen Angel Series and Im adding them to my TBB list right now!

    LOVED those excerpts!

    Hugs, Kari Thomas,

  2. Right on, Kari! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. Let me know what you think about the Fallen Angel series, I love hearing from readers. :-D