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Author Storm Savage dishes about life, writing and rock-n-roll!!!

Hello boys and girls!! I am sooooo happy to be here today and even happier about who's here with me!! 
Storm Savage, meet my peeps!! Peeps, meet Storm Savage!! 
We're going to treat this awesome lady with kid gloves today because she's a little shy...hard to believe someone who would hang out with me is shy? Stranger things have happened, right? 
Don't worry, Storm, we won't bite....hard! Ha!
Let's get to know her a little better, shall we?

Storm is happily married and shares a deep love for animals with her husband. She had seven canine companions for over ten years, but now only two of the original pack remains. Her love for dogs sometimes finds its way into her fiction novels and she also penned a non-fiction book about all of her beloved friends, titled Rainbows Hearts and Puppy Tales for Divine Destinies.
She lives in the country, but prefers urban life and dreams of living near the ocean. Her favorite food is pizza, favorite beverage is Pepsi and favorite snack is Cheetos. However, she doesn't overdo it with those high calorie foods. Typically she eats chicken, broccoli salad and fruit smoothies.
An avid reader and manic writer, she burns the midnight oil until sunrise when the muse is strong. She hopes to have a Kindle Fire one day. Spending hours at her desk working on novels, she believes an Ebook would be awesome so she could sit back and relax in her chair while reading a good book.
Her passions in life are music, writing, dance and food. Her loves are animals, her husband and her daughter and baby granddaughter. She dreams of meeting Rick Savage who inspired her first novel years ago. And she believes she'll meet Booker one day because she feels he's out there somewhere and will ride into her life at the perfect time.

Hmmm, I can't wait to meet your Booker, too! I bet we'll meet him before this post is through! LOL!

Storm, what has been your biggest influence on becoming a writer?
The need to escape. I started writing short stories in grade school then graduated to novel length fantasy stories as a teenager. I found great comfort in those worlds when everything around me was very out of control. I used to place myself in fabulous settings--winning the Triple Crown, singing in famous Rock bands--those were my favorite escapisms. Now I tend to write my real life struggles into fiction where I can control the outcome.

How do you categorize yourself: pantser or plotter?
Pantser--I never plot. I create characters, give them my initial idea and they do the rest.

What makes a book great in your eyes?
Action and good writing, the writing doesn't have to be perfect if the story is great. My peeve is endless description. Nothing makes me drop a book faster than when authors go into blocks of description. Show me the action and I'm hooked. I also get ticked if the writer doesn't show me what the characters look like. I need a little visual. Great book--action, brief character description and a fresh hook!

What is the biggest piece of your advice you can give a beginning writer?
Don't copy another author, it will show. Be true to yourself and write what you know. Write from your heart and follow the characters, never force the story. If it doesn't flow, walk away and wait for the muse to lead you.

Do you have any guilty pleasures?
Chocolate pudding--I cannot stop eating chocolate pudding if it's in the house.

Mmm, love me some chocolate pudding!! 
What influences your writing? And why?
My healthy sex drive, LOL. Writing hot romance helps me unwind after a stressful day which has also helps my marriage. Hey, after twenty-five years, you do what it takes to keep the flames alive. Part of that magic involves shutting the outside world out and coming together in a special way. Also, my desire for justice. I get very upset when bad things happen and evil people go unpunished.  I take my need for justice into all of my books. Zoe has become my alter-ego and goes with me in real life situations to give me courage. She inspired more strong characters. Every book I write features strong heroines who rise above their fears and deliver proper retribution to the evil ones. So there you have it, sex and justice…sounds like a good name for a movie.

Name one thing readers don’t know about you.
I write more than vampire stories so stay tuned because I have some great new stories on the way.

What are you working on now?
Book seven in Night Angels. I took a break from the series to write several other books which will be released through Extasy Books. I wasn't sure if there would be another Night Angels, but Zoe doesn't seem to be done yet.

Who is your favorite all-time author?
Whoever wrote Star Wars--the saga is nothing less than genius.

Are love scenes easy/difficult to write?
Easy as devouring a huge bowl of chocolate pudding!

Do you write in one genre or several different ones? And why?
I typically write in Romance but with several sub-genres. As of now most readers may think I only write vampires. They will be pleasantly surprised when my future releases come out. One I am especially fond of is Tangled in Chains--a ménage that takes a wicked turn. The hero is smoking hot! Dream Weaver is another paranormal that is very unique with extremely steamy sex and a cool twist. I've done one non-fiction work, Rainbows Hearts and Puppy Tales. I can basically write anything except Sci-Fi. I prefer to write in more than one genre because I don't want boxed in or labeled.

If you could be anywhere right now, where would you be?
Easy! Alone on a tropical Island with the bass player from Def Leppard and (note I said "and") the lead singer from Steelheart…now that would be paradise!

How do you deal with the dreaded writer’s block?
I wait. No use forcing myself to write if the characters aren't active. They always come back to me and never let me down, so I simply wait for them to start talking again. They usually call to me in the shower, while driving alone or mostly in the twilight zone before I fall asleep. They speak clearest when I am alone with them. I keep my cell phone at my bedside so I can save those fuzzy ideas into a text before I lose them.

Do you have another career besides writing? What is it?
I had one but it got snuffed out at an early age. Writing has always been a way of life to me so I've never considered it a career. I do take my books seriously though. I work hard to put out my best for my readers and my publisher. I have scrapped full length novels if they don’t meet my standards. I don't want people to read anything less than my best. I never sent my kids out looking less than spotless. I apply the same effort to my writing.

What’s your biggest reward in being a writer?
Positive reader feedback, there is nothing better.

To date, which is your favorite story? Which one did you have the most fun writing?
Hm, I'd have to say Vampire Vengeance. It's hard to choose between that one and Tangled in Chains but I'd have to say that my relationship with Booker is so powerful--we had a blast doing that story which is currently seven books strong. Booker had been bugging me for six years to do his story his way. He's a very dynamic hero and hard to hold back. So I turned him loose and he took me for one hell of a ride!

How do you go about developing your characters and setting?
I pick a name that speaks to me. I use the baby names site a lot. Then I choose a description--sometimes I just look at a picture of my favorite men or simply make one up such as I did with Booker, he simply popped into my head. My heroes must have long hair and carry the "cool-factor" as I call it. I love sexy hot bikers and rock stars. I visualize a woman and whatever setting strikes my fancy at the time. I gravitate toward oceans and posh hotels. Once I set the basics on the page, the characters do the rest. It just happens. I never know where we will end up or who else will come onto the scene. It's like magic and gets me every time.

If you had the opportunity to say one thing to your readers, what would that be?
Thank you for reading my books, I have much more coming your way.

*Whipped Cream, Strawberry Sauce or Chocolate Syrup?
Whipped Cream…though Shook does enjoy licking Chocolate Syrup off Sapphire in Tangled in Chains…I prefer Whipped Cream but for some reason the men wanted chocolate.

*What is the craziest/sexiest thing you have ever done in public?
LOL. That's a long list. I'll go with sexiest. I played Janet in a live theater cast for The Rocky Horror Picture Show. If you know the movie then you are familiar with the Floor Show costumes and the dance. Not to mention her other not-so-modest scenes. Our group was featured on the TV show 60 Minutes and the camera man did a straight shot up my short pink dress during the Time Warp! I took some ribbing over that but it was fun, very fun.

Now let's take a look at what Storm has brought with her!!! 
Three men after one woman—each with their own agenda. When Zoe is taken hostage by her ex-husband and his hired muscle, she discovers the shocking truth about her rock star fiancé.
Her struggle to protect the identity of her covert, vigilante biker group encounters severe complications. One man seeks to exploit Night Brigade, while the other offers them immortality.
Zoe must convince her female comrades to take the plunge into the dark world of vampirism to ensure their survival. Can she trust one man enough to lead the way?

“Why have we stopped here?” Paige asked, when they pulled into a wooded area.
Zoe didn’t reply. Instead she slid off her bike and walked straight toward Booker who sat casually on his parked Harley, watching her with cool eyes. He swung one leg over the seat to face her as she approached. She moved between his outstretched legs and his powerful arms moved up her back. Their eyes met for a hot, silent exchange. Clutching handfuls of his thick hair, she swept it to one side, baring his strong neck for Paige to see seconds before Zoe sunk her teeth into his flesh. Booker groaned. His hands dropped to her hips, pulling her tight against him. His huge erection strained against the worn denim, making her ache to bed him. However, the urgent craving for his blood deluged her. Greedily she sucked. With each tug from her hungry mouth, his arousal rose as indicated by his physical response—sweat beaded skin—taut muscles—and feral groans rumbling in his broad chest.
After slaking her lust for his blood, she drew back slightly to brush her lips over his. He brazenly licked the excess blood away.
Bare your neck for me, my love. His silent command penetrated her thoughts.
With pleasure, she pulled her tangled mane aside, again to tease Paige. She delighted in Booker’s commanding gentleness—fierce yet always tender with her. He pushed to his feet, towering over her with pure, masculine brawn. Clinging to his protective embrace, she welcomed the sting of his bite followed by an intense rush of heat that coursed through her body.
“Ah…yeah…” She sighed as euphoria claimed her.
He exhibited greater control than she had—leisurely caressing her skin with his lips while intermittently sucking at the wound—taking very little blood. The tantalizing manner in which he delivered his bite was indescribable. Zoe drew a sharp breath as her body defied her, climaxing in immediate blissful release.
“Ohh…” Her breathing lapsed into jagged breaths as she clung to him.
Booker lifted his head. She could barely hold her eyes open while gazing up at him.
“You’re surrender to me is oh so sweet,” he purred.
In the next moment, his mouth covered hers. Deliciously exploring and showering her with love. Zoe felt breathless when he eased away.
They both turned toward Rider—agony shadowed his face. Then Booker gave Rider a nod to join them, which surprised her yet in some inexplicable way she understood. Deep in her subconscious, Zoe felt a spiritual connection between the two men which she assumed existed by drinking the same blood. A commanding desire to ease Rider’s anguish flooded her, as if Booker had infiltrated her soul with his will. She didn’t say a word as Rider approached and stood over her with Booker—nor did she feel a hint of objection. Quite the opposite, Booker’s silent request to include Rider thrilled her.
Could anything be more titillating than having two gorgeous vampires sucking my neck? I doubt it!
“You are and will always be queen of our clan,” Booker said in a seductively soft voice. “Will you ease his suffering tonight?”
“Gladly.” She smiled up at both men.
Booker gathered her hair in one hand and held it back, then began kissing and sucking the side of her neck opposite of where he’d bitten her. Rider placed one arm about her waist, then leaned in gently to feed on the fresh wound. Zoe couldn’t help but tremble with two sensual immortals raining passion over her—one feeding, the other kissing and nibbling at her neck—both creating staggering pleasure. She slid a hand into each of their silken manes, holding them affectionately as they slaked their urgent need.
Rider groaned and tightened his embrace, openly relieved by her gift. Booker had his arms around her, too. Her senses reeled and she felt that peculiar feeling of soaring above the clouds again. At one point, Booker covered her mouth with his in a passionate kiss. Then his lips worked their way down her neck to allow Rider the privilege of indulging in a kiss. He placed a grateful kiss on her lips when he’d taken only enough blood to satisfy his urgent craving. The spark from Rider’s kiss took her by surprise. Nevertheless, she yielded to it as everything between the three of them felt amazingly natural. She returned his kiss, letting him explore her mouth with his tongue, all the while with one arm curled around each man’s neck.
“I could so easily make love to you, Zoe.” His sensually spoken profession sparked an ache between her legs. She stared into Rider’s dark, alluring gaze.
Don’t worry, my love, I trust him. Booker’s thoughts entered her mind as if he’d said them aloud. Just go with it.

And go with it we shall!! All the way to Storm's publisher... eXtasy Books and her webiste!!
Thank you so much, Storm!! Please come back anytime!!



  1. Woooo! Two of my FAVOURITE people in one place! This is just awesome!!!! :P
    I was really nice reading more about you, Storm. I could easily ask but even for someone like me who most definitely speaks her mind, the question, "what is the sexiest thing you've ever done in public" probably wouldn't have even made it out of my mouth xD The chocolate and strawberry question would have, I just would have made it seem like a normal question before turning it naughty ;)
    I love ALL of your books so far and I can't wait for the rest of them. It will be the usual, your book comes out, I buy it instantly, read it within a few hours and then email you telling you how amazing they were, because there is no doubt about that, just like Robin's books, your books are going to always be amazing :P
    Love you both! :D

  2. Thank you bunches, Natalie! My vampire sister {{{hugs}}}

  3. Very special and heartfelt thank you to Robin for hosting me and personalizing my first public appearance. I love the images and the music you chose, you totally rock, Robin! {{{hugs}}}

  4. You are very welcome, Storm. I hope this is the first of many visits to Sealed with a Kiss!!