Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Introducing Tyler Robbins & "Beyond Honor"!

Welcome everyone!
      I have a feeling this is going to be a super fun day! 
      Some of you may have already heard this story, so please bear with me while I indulge in a little shameless self-promotion. 
      Recently, I was approached by some friends, Jeff and Charlene W., who had a wonderful idea about a story dealing with the military's repeal of the "Don't ask, Don't tell," policy. 
      Having never been in the military myself, I wasn't sure I could pull it off, but with a lot of help from Jeff, hopefully I've avoided making a fool of myself too badly. 
      Also taking into consideration I have never been a gay man, I still had my work cut out for me. 
      So, I did the only thing left to do and dove head first into tons and tons of research, which if I am quite honest, was probably more fun than it should have been! 
      A few weeks later, I had fallen hopelessly in love with two of the greatest men ever to be found between the pages of a book. Unfortunately, neither would ever love me in return. 
      I didn't hold a grudge though. 
     Why? Because as hard as it was to admit, Michael and Jared only had eyes for each other...

Army Medic, Private Michael Crest, is quite content in his life with the exception of one thing—he’s in need of a good man and has his sights set on another medic, Specialist Jared Prophet.
The problem? Jared’s in deep denial about his sexuality.
After an unexpected, erotic exchange, Jared decides his only recourse is to distance himself from Michael and plans a trip to his family’s lake-house with friends, which would have worked, if one of his friends hadn’t invited Michael to tag along.
As a tropical storm hits the Texas Gulf Coast, the two men give into unbridled passion. But more than the weather gets rough when the storm passes and Jared learns his parents are among the missing.
Can the lovers endure the fallout or will unearthed truths prove more devastating than any natural disaster?
 After all, just because they aren’t gonna ask, doesn’t mean they want you to tell…

You'll have your chance to get to know Jared and Michael, just as well as I do, when Beyond Honor releases in June. 
In the meantime, maybe you will take some time to get to know, Tyler Robbins... I hear she's an awesome lady! 
Check out Tyler's blog and spread the word. She's gonna need just as much attention as Robin! 



  1. This has bestseller written all over it!

  2. Thanks so much, Storm!! I hope so.

  3. Ah, here it is. Blog dummy here, LOL! I love the whole concept you've got going here, you are a genius!