Saturday, May 5, 2012

Stop by and meet author, A. S. Fenichel

I love having southern authors as guests on my blog... even if they are a transplant. No offense to my northern neighbors, I lurves y'all, too. 
Today, A.S. Fenichel is here and this is her first visit so no one is allowed to bite her... yet. 
I met A.S. through my local RWA chapter, though I haven't had the pleasure of getting all up in her business just yet. (Not that I EVER get up in anyone's business!) ;-)
Here's what I do know:
 A.S. Fenichel adores writing stories filled with love, passion, desire, magic and maybe a little mayhem tossed in for good measure. Books have always been her perfect escape and she still relishes diving into one and staying up all night to finish a good story. Originally from New York, she grew up in New Jersey. She now lives in the southwest with her real life hero, her wonderful husband. When she is not reading or writing she enjoys cooking, travel, history and puttering in her garden.
Let's take a look at her new release, Mayan Craving!!

Surviving the End of Days was only the beginning of the journey for Nancy. After years of searching, she’s finally found her missing sister, but when she attempts to rescue Robyn, she enters her worst nightmare. Captured by demons and about to be sacrificed, Asher is her unexpected hero. Asher’s kindness and bravery arouse her lust, and leave her wanting much more than just his friendship.
Asher has been in love with Nancy since he first laid eyes on her, but her infatuation with another man always left him standing in the background. Her sudden craving for him couldn’t turn him on more. He can’t help finding rapture with Nancy, but the attraction could only be fleeting.
While danger and passion pull them together, doubt may rip them apart. They’ll need more than a carnal connection if they’re to survive.

We may not be able to get all up in A.S.'s business, but we will darn sure get up close and personal with this excerpt from, MAYAN CRAVING!!
The Following scene is from chapter two of Mayan Craving. Asher Dove rescued Nancy from a demon sacrifice. They found a safe place to sleep and Nancy wakes up next to Asher.
It was still dark when she woke up with her mouth half an inch from Asher’s neck. Sometime during the night, she must have rolled over. His arm casually rested over her hip. His masculine scent filled her with a sense of security that she hadn’t felt in years. She breathed deeply, closing her eyes to fully appreciate the aroma. Her body tingled with excitement and her pussy moistened with anticipation. Unexpectedly, her friend seemed like exactly what she needed. He didn’t feel like her brother or a platonic friend. He felt like the man who had come after her and saved her from death. A man who, even after she’d hurt his feelings, had taken care of her injuries and held her so she could get past the demons to sleep.
She began to wonder why she hadn’t seen Asher like this before. Tentatively, she leaned toward him, pressing her lips to his neck. He didn’t move. She opened her mouth just slightly and kissed him just below his ear, before kissing his jaw where days of stubble had grown. The friction of his beard against her soft cheek intrigued her so that she rubbed against his face like a cat and might have purred.
She didn’t know when he had awoken, but as she reached his lips, his hungry mouth caressed hers and his tongue plunged inside. He tasted so good she moaned deep in her throat. Her nipples tightened against his hard chest, and even through their clothes, the sensation created an ache between her legs. His hand gripped her hair, holding the back of her head, deepening the kiss.
Then he stopped. His breathing came rough and deep, matching hers. Leaning his forehead on hers, he asked, “Do you know what you’re doing, Nancy?”
“I’m kissing you.”
“Asher,” he said. “You’re kissing Asher. I’m not Ian.”
“I know who you are.”
His eyes stared directly into hers. “Say my name.”
“Asher,” she whispered.
His eyes closed at the sound of his name, and she wondered what he was thinking. He looked so blissful. Then his eyes opened, and she saw his doubt return.
“Why are you doing this?” he asked.
His question took her by surprise and she backed away just enough to really look at him. “Why do you have to ask so many questions?” Her chest began to tighten, and not with the arousal of a moment before.
“Because if we go any further, this will mean something to me, and if it doesn’t mean anything to you, I don’t want it.”
His words were so vulnerable, she almost got out of the bed. He was exposed and it made her uncomfortable. His willingness to show weakness both honored and frightened her, but in spite of her sympathy for him, she could feel her anger building. “Why would you think it wouldn’t mean anything to me? Have you known me to go around offering myself to a lot of men?”
“No, but you’ve been through a lot. I rescued you and I don’t want you to think you owe me anything. Certainly not sex,” he said defensively.
She relaxed. He was protecting himself, not insulting her. That, she could understand. Self-preservation, be it physical or emotional, was how she lived everyday since the End of Days. “I woke up and I wanted you. Why does it have to be more complicated than that, Asher?”
He smiled in that crooked way he had. “If it’s really me you want, it’s not complicated at all.”
His face was downcast and his long hair obscured his eyes. She brushed it aside and he looked up.
“It’s you, Asher,” she said, so softly she didn’t think he’d heard her.
Then he leaned forward and pressed his lips to hers. 

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  1. Can I just say... HOT! I really want to read this book now! :O
    Great interview Robin
    Hello A.S.Fenichel :D It's nice to meet an author who clearly writes amazing books. And I do plan on reading this book when I get the chance :P
    Nice meeting you :)

    1. Hi Natalie, Thanks so much! It's nice to meet you too. I had a lot of fun writing this book. Asher really needed his own story and Nancy is perfect for him. Enjoy.

  2. Thanks, Natalie! This excerpt was quite tasty, wasn't it? Glad you stopped by, my cheeky monkey! I can't wait to hear what you think about the book.

  3. A.S., thank you so much for being a guest. I loved this sneak peek and I agree with Natalie, I MUST read the book! ;-)

  4. Great post and excerpt!!!!! Much luck, A.S.!!!!