Wednesday, July 11, 2012

It may be MY Birthday, But Look What I Have for YOU!!!

As my birthday fast approaches, I've decided to take the bull by the horns this year and lift the terrible jinx that always seems to mess up what's supposed to be a special day. 
This little mission will be super fun for some of my lucky readers!!!
Starting today, July 11th until the big day, July 20th, I will choose one visitor each day who leaves a comment, and reward them with a copy of their choice of any book from my back-list, including Tyler Robbin's latest release, Beyond Honor!! 
Here's a link to Tyler's blog!! You should check that out, too! 

I hope you will all enjoy my big day with me...
In the meantime, please enjoy some beefcake and other yummy goodies I've set out for your viewing pleasure!!!


I hope you've enjoyed the eye candy and I hope 
you'll leave a comment!!
I will notify winners daily, by email, so be sure to leave your email addy!
Thanks for celebrating with me!! 


  1. *fanning face* Oh... MY.. I Love the one in the red briefs.. and the jeans.. .. the butt.. the.. gimme baby! *GRIN* HAPPIEST of birthdays, 10 more days and so glad that your contract was found!

  2. Ah Robin, you know how to make a girl smile :-) Have a fab run up to your birthday!

  3. Thank you, ladies!!
    I tried to show a little skin without causing anyone to suffer from heart palpitations... a stripper would have been best...but I couldn't squeeze him into my laptop!! Bwuahahaa!!

  4. Well, Happy Birthday, Robin! :) Does that guy's underpants really say "fuck me"? Well, yes, sir! LOL I hope your day is special this year. :)


  5. July Birthdays are the Best of Times!!!! Me too next week... Let's have a drink... What your poison??Bahama Mamma for me on the 18th.....

    Happy Birthday Early!!!

    Debbie Uher Laurie


  6. Happy Birthday to you! (When the day comes!)
    I think I'm a little too young to see pictures like these :P *blushes* LOL wow! They're... Wow! I just don't know what to say :P
    I wish I had something to give you for your Birthday... How many of my books have you read? I know you have the first one :P How about I give you the rest? As a Birthday present and a thank you for these hot pictures!:P
    You know, if Reece walked in right now, he would wonder what the hell was going on xD *fans face* would make things very interesting to say the least!
    Thank you, Robin. Once again, I definitely LOVE your post :P

  7. Happy early birthday lady! I hope you won't mind, but this is a great idea and since my birthday is coming up next month, welllllll...I just might have to hi-jack this and bring to my blog for a continuation of the party!!! :) Have a good one in advance!

  8. Oh, forgot to mention like the new look on here. Sexy black satin sheets. Yum!

  9. Holy shikers male number two! Talk about hotness! I can almost see his birthday surprise., please allow me a moment to clean the computer. I may have drooled a little over him...

    Happy Birthday Robin! Stay positive. This b-day is going to be great! :)

  10. Wow, I love the one tangled in sheets. Thanks for the gift, But happy birthday to you! I hopw all your birthday wishes come true!

  11. I'm trying to wish you a happy birthday, but the pictures left me kinda speechless. :)

  12. Happy birthday! Love the yummy men the 6th one down ooo mama! Thanks for letting us drool!

  13. Happy Birthday!! I hope your having fun! Those are some hot pictures! I bet your wishing you could have them all with nothing but a bow tie on them. lol My favorite one is #8. I love how his shirt is unbuttoned and the tie...brings up ideas. lol Thank you for sharing!

  14. Hope you have a wonderful birthday. And thanks for the eye candy! :)
    rene (at) phycel (dot) com

  15. Happy Birthday Robin. Hope you had a wonderful day!!!!!! And a very big thank you for sharing the beautiful buffet of beefcake!!!

  16. Hey lady! Happy bday! I'm so glad we got to meet in cyberspace last year, and thanks again for your support for my first blog tour. I look forward to reading more of your books and continued support for each other!
    @kankan929 twitter

  17. Hope you have a wonderful birthday!!! And thank you so much for the great (beef)cake!
    manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

  18. Have a Great Birthday!!
    Very yummy pics!!

  19. Holy Moses Batman - and thank you and again, Happy Early Bday Dearie!!!!

  20. Have a very happy birthday, 21 again? lots of love Manda

  21. Well, have a wonderful Birthday, Robin. Hope you do something extra special and that nothing goes amiss! You and my son, who will be 24, have it in common!! Ah, to be young again! Thank you for sharing these heart throb pictures with us and for your generous giveaway!!

    brandypm (at) optonline (dot) net

  22. A little birdie told me you had a birthday coming up so I took "The Long Way Home" even though I felt "Midnight Beckoning" and I knew those paper cuts were only "Flesh Wounds." I thought back to "The Beginning" when I first noticed "The Betrayal" and could only wait for "The Return" of the scoundrel who started it all to get my "Retribution" even though I knew it was "Forbidden" and I might be "Scorned," I could not let anything get in the way of my making it to "Whiskey Road." So here I am with glass in hand lifting it high to toast - Happy Happy Birthday to you and let the coming year bring you giggles and joy with plenty of new inspiration to continue your awesome journey and sharing. Thank you from this reader and lover of good books for all your contributions to my joy ;=D

    1. Thank you so much for this, Denise. IT'S AWESOME!!! You made my day!!

  23. Happy Birthday Sweet Heart!!! i hope you have a wonderful day full of insperation and joy.

  24. Mmmm...Hot eye candy *fans self* I like!

    Happy Early Birthday! :)