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Need your HOT, ALPHA Vampire fix? The "JUST VAMPS" anthology has everything you could ever crave!!

It's been a long journey, but 13 dedicated Evernight Authors answered the call and everything you could ever ask for in a hot, sexy vampire anthology is right at your fingertips!!

This won't be an ordinary giveaway, because with this multi-author hop, your chances to win have significantly increased!!

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Want a little taste from MY story, "Blood For Blood"?
Well, your wish is my command!

Blaise Rayburn has a score to settle, even if it means going against the very vampire she once loved. Forced to return to the clan she fled seven years before, the last thing she wants is to be near the man she left behind.
Micah Sedaris accepted the hatred of the woman he loved, if only to ease his feelings of misplaced guilt. Responsible for her pain, Micah endured years apart from Blaise until she’s drawn back into the fold after the murder of his sire and predecessor.
Anger burns as hot as concealed passion when the former lovers reunite, but more than their hearts are soon on the line. The Sedaris Empire has an enemy much closer than either vampire are prepared to accept.
When a final showdown comes to a head, who will survive and who will be sacrificed when malevolent powers demand blood for blood?


    “You fucking owe me, Micah.”
    Micah’s jaw clenched. “No, I owe Kaitlin and I owe DevĂ©ron, but I’m done begging for your approval or respect.”
    Blaise’s eyes widened and she moved as though she were about to pounce.         “You sorry son of a—”
    “That’s enough!” Micah boomed.
    One of Micah’s bodyguards shifted to the edge of his seat, but Micah  waved him off before he reached Blaise.
    “You will do what I say, when I say, and if you don’t like it, Scotty-boy here will take you home and make sure you don’t leave until I return to deal with you.” Micah licked his lips, eyeing the way her chest rose and fell.
    He inhaled deep, as the scent of her arousal danced into his nostrils. He’d know that decadent aroma anywhere. “In fact, you just may need a little reminder of how we operate around here. My uncle wouldn’t cross that line. I, on the other hand, have no such boundaries.”
    Blaise’s red eyes smoldered, and she sat back, silent, but noticeably seething with rage.
    Micah knew now that if he handled the situation just right, he would put an end to all of the anger, all of the hatred, all of the blame she’d placed on him for far too many years.
    He would indeed allow her to get out her frustrations, but not in the way she might have intended. Resistance is pointless, and you know it, Blaise. This is going to happen.
    Her nostrils flared, and Blaise turned away and stared out at the darkened sky.
    Micah let her be until they reached the warehouse where they were to meet Dani Bakori.
    As they exited the limousine, he reached for Blaise’s arm and backed her against the car.
    His guards faced away, scanning the area for signs of trouble while Creed walked to the front of the limo.
   “Look at me.” Micah spoke softly, doing his best not to be confrontational.
    Blaise kept her head turned to the side.
    Stubborn as always. “I said look at me.” He lowered his tone, demonstrating just how thin his patience had worn.
    Blaise glared up at him, her eyes filled to the rim with tears, but not yet spilling over.
    Micah gently dragged his knuckles across her delicate jawline, reminding himself how much he loved every inch of her, even those parts that loathed him. He would handle this with all the sensitivity she deserved, whether she wanted him to give it or not.
    “Seeing this woman will stir up serious emotions, but I want you—No, I expect you to remember your training and the fact that you’re not only of a noble bloodline, but also a soldier for the Sedaris clan. Nothing she can say or do will bring back the ones we’ve loved. Respect their memory, respect yourself, and respect your king.” He cupped the back of her neck with the fingers of his right hand and slicked his thumb over the crest of her cheekbone. “If she did this, you’ll get your revenge and I’ll gladly watch you end her. Nod if you understand.”
    Her brows twitched as her scowl softened.
    Blaise nodded.“Good.” He motioned to Creed and the guards. “Let’s go.”



  1. hehehehe, love the cover, love the book and love you Robin :P I'm not stalking xD
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    As for the Just Vamps. Hell. Yes. Please :P I love all your books ^^
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  2. What a fun blog hop! I liked and followed everything to have a chance to win a copy of the Just Vamps anthology! I love all the excerpts that I've been reading!

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