Monday, December 3, 2012

Exclusive sneak peek of Reindeer Games: Donner and Prancer's Story

Hello friends! Welcome back!!
     I've mentioned this before, before, and I'm gonna mention it again today.
     On December 17th, The Wickedly Sexy Writers will introduce their first ever Anthology/Compilation just in time for Christmas, from Secret Cravings Publishing.
     REINDEER GAMES is comprised of SIX novellas about Santa's EIGHT magical reindeer...naughty or nice, they've all been up to a little mischief!!

      Santa’s Reindeers. No one knows they’re shifters, able to change on that one special night of the year. They help the jolly guy in red bring smiles to millions of faces, but this elite group of men and woman are far from happy. Secrets and heartache interfere with the job they used to derive such pleasure from and something must be done.
      A shake-up within the ranks of his shifters is necessary and Santa is on it. He’ll make sure his reindeers get the happily ever after they so deserve, but they’re a stubborn lot. From the shadows he works his magic, pulling those strings and if he has his way they’ll all be playing naughty…Reindeer Games.

     I've brought along an exclusive excerpt from Donner and Prancer's story. I so enjoyed these two characters and I hope you like them, too!

Mira’s head spun and she strained to sit upright. How could she explain this? “Men like you don’t come home with women like me, Noah.”
He shook his head. “Why?”
He sounded like a broken record now.
“Be-because,” she stammered. “Look at you.”
Noah rose and stood by the sofa, gazing down at her. “What about me?”
“Uh…well, you’re built like a Greek god and you have a reputation as a…” She searched for the correct words—words that held a little more delicacy than man-whore. “Ladies’ man?”
“Humph.” He rested his hands on his hips. “Ladies’ man, huh?”
“I was being polite.” Mira squirmed.
Noah’s eyebrows arched high. “Is that so?” He folded his arms across his chest. “Why don’t you tell me how you really feel, Mira?”
Bile shot up in the back of her throat as her nervous demeanor morphed into one a little more hostile. “How I really feel?” Dozens of irritating things about the man came to mind. Everything from his obnoxious, too-loud laugh, to the ugly reindeer sweater he wore to the Christmas party every friggin’ year. “Well…for starters, you brag about your conquests entirely too much.” She’d keep her comments limited to the facts rather than opinions. “You treat women like trophies and well…you seem to have a serious problem with my ass.” The last part flew out of her mouth so fast she had no time to reel it back in.
His eyes widened. “What the hell does your ass have to do with anything?”
Mira shot up from the sofa, squaring her shoulders with a newfound sense of power. “That’s exactly what I want to know.” She stomped around the coffee table, invigorated by a new sense of ire. “Every year you wait until we’re harnessed and about to take off with the sleigh and then you start talking about my ass.”
Noah shook his head. “What are you talking about?”
Was he serious? Puffing out her chest and adopting a deep, masculine bravado, Mira attempted to impersonate him. “Hey, Comet, who needs Rudolf’s nose, I have my own personal full moon to lead me around the globe.”
Noah sat back down and lowered his head.
“Well? Did you say that or not?” She stood before him on the verge of tears as the painful memory she’d tried so often to forget suddenly came rushing to the surface. “Let me guess…” Her bottom lip quivered and the back of her throat seized. She gulped away the ball of air strangling her. “It was just a harmless joke, right?”
Noah’s eyes slowly found hers and his once seductive gaze darkened, and not in a romantic way. “Mira, I’m sorry. I’m a jerk.” He rose again and eased toward her. “I know that doesn’t excuse it, but I honestly didn’t mean anything by it.”
Mira held her breath as she detected a note of sincerity in his tone. “It really doesn’t matter, anyway.” Her eyes burned from the building tears.
Of all the shape shifters in the world, why did Donner have to be the man she couldn’t get out of her head?
“It does matter.” He reached for her arm and ran a gentle hand up to her shoulder where he lightly squeezed. “Let me show you how much it matters.”



  1. I love the concept of Reindeer Games..:)
    I love the excerpt, and I feel Mira's pain :( I'm a curvy girl...I love these stories!
    I want to find out what happens with Mira & Noah.
    Being that we just moved back to the lower 48 in June from living in Fairbanks Alaska. The North Pole is just 17 west from Fairbanks, so we visited the North Pole alot.
    I'm putting this on my Christmas list, and my birthday list since it is 4 days after.
    A nice present to me!
    Thank you for sharing this wonderful tease...*S*
    wishing you a very Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year...*S*


    1. Darcy,
      I think a lot of women can relate to Mira. I truly enjoyed watching her grow and morph into the beautiful butterfly she had always been. In truth, she probably had more issues with herself than anyone else, just like the rest of the world.
      I'm so glad to hear you're back in the lower 48, we sure need ya' here! LOL!
      Keep an eye out, you'll have plenty of chances to WIN copies of all the reindeer stories later in the month. Now that would be a super Christmas/Birthday gift right there!!
      Hugs, Robin B