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Evernight Publishing's Valentine's Day H0P!!

Happy Valentine's Day boys and girls!!
It's been a minute since I've posted anything, but there's good reason for it and you'll understand as 2013 unfolds and a bounty of new books for my later ego, Tyler Robbins start to release one by one!!

Before we celebrate , let's have a little fun with my first ever wolf shifter story with Evernight!!

To get the most out of this Valen-tabulous Hop you will need to read the excerpt below, from "Family Ties" and answer the question about what you read. 
Easy enough, right? 
Then, click on the Evernight Facebook page link and let me know you've "liked" it and I will put your name into a drawing for a $10.00 gift certificate for Evernight Publishing or a $10.00 gift card for Amazon. ONE winner will be chosen PER PRIZE and I will announce those winners after the hop!!

Sound like fun??
Well, let's get to it then...

Every pack needs an alpha, and every alpha needs a pack.
Tucker Wilde, a lone wolf, returns to the town where his shifter lineage first began, only to discover his rightful place as alpha has been handed down through another bloodline. To make matters worse, old family secrets threaten the fate of the love he’s destined to find.
Shifter, Tegan Blaid is the key to saving her pack by joining with the son of a powerful pack member, but her heart belongs to Tucker, the one wolf she was never meant to know.
Can Tucker and Tegan fight the forces against them to secure their positions in the pack, or is history determined to repeat itself despite their family ties?

VERY Adult Excerpt:

     Tegan always did as she was told. Her father drilled it into their heads at a very early age of how a pack maintained peace and how every member must acknowledge the alpha as leader, and as such, he ruled over them all.
     Her gut twisted as her instincts responded to the thought. Lance may have been her brother and he may have been an alpha, but he wasn’t her master.
     Tucker Wilde proved that in a matter of moments.
     The way her body, her mind and her very core responded to Tucker’s commands so effortlessly and without question, told her all she needed to know. Her place was with him.
     Why or how she knew, Tegan didn’t have a clue.
     As she neared the house, she spied Tucker sitting on the porch railing, dressed and looking just as handsome as ever. His dark hair and tanned features only made him that much more appealing. When he caught sight of her, he stood and went to the steps as Tegan plodded into the yard.
     Deep lines trailed across his forehead indicating how much he seemed to care. “Why haven’t you shifted?”
     My brother found me.
     “In the field?”
     Yes. Tegan stepped forward and a sharp pain shot though her shoulder. Her front leg gave way and she limped toward Tucker.
     “Shit, you’re hurt.” He rushed to her and knelt at her side. “Let me see.”
     I’m okay.
     “No you’re not.” He gently spread apart the fur covering her shoulder and examined the wound where Lance bit her. “It’s deep, but I’m sure Hank has something for it.”
     Tegan pulled away, conflicted as to whether or not she should even be there at all. Lance saw Hank and will eventually come looking for me.
     “We’ll handle Lance.” Tucker stood and softly stroked her coat.   “Come inside. I’ll find you some clothes to wear.”
     Still cautious, Tegan gathered enough courage to trust her instincts and followed.
     The house was warm and cozy, the way her home used to be when things were normal. A lifetime ago. I’m so sorry for this.
     “Don’t be.” Tucker led her down a long hallway into a bedroom. “This is my room. Make yourself at home.” He disappeared into the bathroom.
     Tegan jumped up onto his bed and shifted back into human form. She skimmed her fingers over the already healing punctures on the backside of her shoulder and winced as Tucker emerged with a pink bathrobe.
     “Pink?” She giggled.
     “It was my mom’s.” He handed it to her with a halfcocked grin. “I’d prefer you naked, but Hank may not.”
     Heat rushed to her cheeks. “She won’t mind, will she?”
     Tucker’s expression darkened as his lips turned downward into a frown. “No. She was killed a few months ago.”
     A ball of air lodged in her throat and she gulped it away. The idea of his mother passing away so close to her father’s death, felt wrong somehow. “I’m so sorry, Tucker.” Despite her state of undress, she stood and went to him, hugging him to her.
     “It’s still hard, but being here makes me feel closer to her. There’s so much I didn’t know.”
     Tegan leaned back and searched his eyes. “My dad…he, um, he died, too.” Tears burned her eyes. She hadn’t said the words out loud in such a long time. It had barely been a year, and though her heart ached for him terribly, saying the words didn’t make it any more believable.
     “I know and I have so much to tell you.” He nudged her back and gazed down at her nude body. “But if you don’t put this robe on in the next thirty seconds, I just may toss you on the bed and have my way with you.”
     “As long as we’re not related, I won’t put up a fight.” She pushed her breasts against him, rubbing his hard chest through the thin fabric of his blue t-shirt. “I need you.”
     Tucker jerked her near and towered over her. His breathing deepened and his dark eyes smoldered. “You’re asking for trouble, you know that don’t you?”
     Tegan backed away and slinked up onto the bed on all fours, perching her bare ass in the air before him, offering what she knew he needed, too. “I’m not asking for it, Tucker. I’m begging.
     His eyes narrowed. “Damn.” Tucker yanked his shirt over his head and kicked his clothes off until he stood behind her naked, with his stiffened cock in the palm of his hand.
     He crawled onto the bed behind her, bent down and sensually kissed her ass cheek. Kissing his way up her spine, he stopped at the nape of her neck where he’d latched onto her in wolf form, forcing her into submission.
     He kissed the tender area and Tegan squirmed as chills splattered across her skin.
      “I can’t tell you how horny it made me when you submitted to me in the field. I wanted inside of you so bad it almost killed me.”
     Tegan dragged in a ragged breath, trying to control the zaps of electricity rushing to her pussy, making her clit throb. “I’ve never wanted anyone to rule over me, but with you? With you, I can’t control it.”
     “So you want to belong to me, then?” He kissed her shoulder.  
     “Every inch of me is yours, Tucker.”
     He sighed heavily. “Then as mine, I suppose I should tell you what I expect.”
     Tegan bit her bottom lip as Tucker moved back toward her ass, his fingers toying with her slit from behind. Teasing and playing, he gently stroked her. Moisture seeped from her pussy as his fingers slipped up and down more easily.
     Heat surged when his fingers entered her and Tucker skillfully worked them in and out, twisting and turning inside.
     Tegan shuddered with delight, her ass gyrating against his hand.
     Tucker stopped, scooted around to lie on his back then positioned her over him, straddling his head. “Come for me.”


What does Tucker give Tegan to wear when she shifts back into human form? Be as specific as possible. 

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