Monday, May 20, 2013

SWAK Welcomes Tamsin Baker and Timing is Everything...

Welcome my fellow Evernight author, Tamsin Baker, along with heroine, “Angie” from Tamsin’s new novel, “Timing is Everything”!! 

Angie has always wanted to visit the dungeon her boss and long-time friend frequents. When she finally gets there she is scared, interested and aroused. The car trip home with the man she is secretly in love with, indicates he may feel the same too.
Unable to do much about it that night, Angie frees herself of her current ties and gets ready for the next Friday at Lily’s. Taking the risk to lose her job and her best friend. Will it be worth it to find out just how deep Mark’s feelings go?
Angie, late twenties, journalist.

Be warned: Public exhibition, BDSM

They walked past several other couples who were still watching the wax play and pushed into the final room which was completely full. Both observers and lifestyle people stood watching in awe as a female Domme suckled on the breasts of her female sub, bound in an extremely intricate and advanced rope play position. The sub was completely naked, her legs spread wide for everyone to see her shaved pink parts.
Angie’s own pussy throbbed at the sight. If she was truly honest, she had always wanted to be with another woman. Angie knew that she was bi-curious. But as a serial monogamist, it had never been possible. Never one to stray while involved with someone, she had never been single long enough to experiment outside of a relationship.
The sub, who was petite and blonde, moaned and thrust her breasts higher. She was covered in a fine film of sweat and flushed pink. Her Domme laughed and circled her exposed, wet clit with a single finger. “You have been such a good girl tonight.”
Angie gasped and stepped back. What was going to happen now?
She leaned up against Mark’s chest and his arms came around her waist, holding her tight. His lips moved against Angie’s ear. “Watch.”
Mark’s erection dug into her back and she tried to ignore it by focusing on what was unfolding in front of her. She would probably never see something like this ever again.
The Domme moved her finger over the subs clit faster. “Come, my baby girl, come.”
The beautiful sub screamed, her back arched and her body convulsed. Despite the ropes restraining her, she looked like she enjoyed it very much.
The Domme kissed her sub’s face, whispering to her and stroking her body in a comforting way. She rubbed her sub’s clit once more and the girl moaned and convulsed in minor shock waves. It was incredible to see, to experience, and to share with them. To watch the care and dynamic of the two, the raw sexuality of the scene overlying the obvious love and respect under pinning their relationship. Every part of BDSM that Angie loved was on display in this scene and she felt her gut clench in envy.
Angie’s clit throbbed and she shifted where she stood. She was wet, very wet. She opened her mouth to breathe but it was too hot in that room to cool down efficiently.
“Shall we get out of here? You’ve probably seen enough for one night.” Mark’s voice was a welcome relief from her body’s inner tightening. She nodded, unable to answer, and grabbed his hand.
Mark pulled her through a separate exit and into the cool night air, and Angie stepped into his side as he wrapped an arm around her. He laughed when she snuggled in closer. He felt so good, so strong. He was her rock, always had been.
“Let’s get you home, young lady.”

Now for a chat with Angie:

Does your author ever try to take over the story? And how do you deal with it?
Yes, she did initially. Stopped the story after that first night at Lily’s dungeon. I couldn’t have that. This is an erotic romance, not erotica! I wanted my happily ever after!

Is expressing love difficult for you? Why?
I wouldn’t usually say no, but when it comes to Mark, then yes. I’ve been in love with that man for years and just can’t find the courage to approach the issue.

What is the most interesting thing that has happened to you?
It would have to be that first night at Lily’s... until the second night, of course. I always wanted to check out a real dungeon, and I did! Who ever gets to live out a real fantasy?

Did you do anything special after your first adventure?
Yes, I broke up with my boyfriend… so that I could proposition the man I love.

How many sex partners have you had? How many at one time?
Oh, I am boring… six total and only ever one at a time.

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