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Triangles in Romance: Yay or Nay?
The idea for this post comes from a discussion had in one of my Facebook book groups. Someone asked how readers felt about triangles in a romance. Some said they were against it while others enjoyed these types of books.
When I say triangles I’m not speaking of threesomes. I am speaking of a person who is torn between the love for two people. Triangles have been the basis for many romance novels since Jane Austin put pen to paper. They are nothing new and seem to be as popular a trend as the ever were.
Me, I love triangles because they bring tension and excitement. I love it when a heroine is caught between two men she loves. You have conflict, tension, and passion all rolled into one. Some stricter readers believe that triangles have no place in romance. They believe that it should be the heroine and hero and no one else. I understand that. A triangle is not glamorous to many people, but I believe books should shake things up. If written well a romance with a triangle can be just as compelling a romance as any.
I don’t think the type of coupling or romantic situation determines the power of the romance. I think the chemistry between the characters is what makes a romance so special. For me, as long as you give me characters with chemistry, I’ll gladly keep reading. But don’t try to force a couple on me if they have no chemistry. Characters are just like real people in my eyes. You can’t create chemistry between characters, it comes naturally.
I must say out of all the romances with triangles I’ve enjoyed, there has always been tons of chemistry. Sometimes it can be a conundrum for a reader when you’re rooting for the hero or heroine to choose between two lovers. Sometimes you like both of their lovers and would prefer them to all be together, but just like that’s not realistic in real life, it’s not in story romances either. Triangles might not be every reader or writer’s cup of tea but I find them full of passion and excitement.

Giveaway Question:
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  1. Hi Robin,

    Thanks for having me! I'll be checking in throughout the day! For those who participate, remember to leave your email addresses or you won't be eligible to win!

  2. Not a big fan of them. I would rather not read a book where the bulk of it is focused on the hero or heroine deciding who it is he/she really wants to be with. My biggest problem is I usually get attached to one of the characters more than the other, and unless it is a threesome and the heroine ends up with one of them it may not be the one I am cheering for.
    One other thing that bothers me with a triangle storyline is, with a lot of the books I have read, m/f/m, and all of them end up together, that usually the author tends to focus more on one of the male characters more than the other.
    Eve Vaughn's 'Rivals For Love' was one I enjoyed.

  3. Thanks for chiming in, Wanda. I understand why some might not like books that rely too much on the triangle. You still should make sure there is chemistry and an interesting plot to pull it off. I've seen some triangles where none of the people had chemistry so things fell flat. But I like triangles done well. I guess it comes from how I used to be hooked on soaps as a kid and teen. I got used to the triangle format and I enjoy the complication of a genuine romantic triangle. What I love is the mystery of who the person will pick and and up with. Just something about it that's exciting to me. LOL!

  4. Well the giveaway is winding down for tonight. There is still a little more time left. I will pop in again to see if anyone else comments by 8pm. Thanks for participating, Wanda. I've emailed your winning copy! Thanks so much for having me, Robin! I appreciate it!

    1. You're very welcome, honey. Thank you for including my little blog in your HOP!! I hope you will come back very soon!!
      Have a great weekend!!
      Robin :-)