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Why Satisfaction is Better than HEA ~ with author, Palessa

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Please help me welcome Palessa!!
Palessa, honey, the floor is all yours…

I remembered someone posting a comment about how Unchained Hearts was somewhat HEA. It took me a minute to understand what that acronym meant. Happily Ever After is a concept that's proof of the Disney-fication of our concept of life, death and everything in-between. Remember, we grew up thinking that the heroine was this perfect looking doll with a voice that could soothe lions and tigers and bears and the odd blue bird. She had this ethereal glow, was eternally nice and he was dashing, handsome on a white horse ready to kiss her back to life. While we've taken elements of that concept into our fantasies, there's definitely more to the story than harmonizing dwarfs and riding off into the sunset over the hill.
So when someone comments that my story is somewhat HEA, I like that because he truth is, I don't really believe in HEA (as you could probably gather) and here's why:
There's no such thing as forever - I heard this from a divorce lawyer of all people and I couldn't help but acknowledge the truth of it. He said, and I'm paraphrasing: There really is no such thing as forever in marriage or love relationship. Someone either leaves on their legs or their back. It might seem harsh, but it's true. Human life is ephemeral and in a relationship someone always leaves; it's just a matter of how. The lesson here is to just go for it. Take a chance, be bold and open because there is no such thing as forever.
Life is like a weaving of strings - Love is just one string of many and it makes no sense to be perfect. It will never be as smooth as you like it or as clean as you think it should be or as easy as you want it to be. The perfect love is a myth. You will have some scars, scratches and scrapes (I'm not talking about physical abuse here because any kind of abuse in intolerable). S/he has a lot of things influencing his or her life at any given moment so love is never about that one thing going perfectly.
Love/Like has its time: A friend of mine posted a saying that love comes in three categories, Love for a reason, love for a season, and love for a lifetime.  There are times when the loves that come into our lives are more like the first two than the third and I say "great" (of course I say this afterwards because while you're going through it, great is the last thing you're feeling). Sometimes you just need to see yourself through someone else's eyes for a while to get another perspective as well as, maybe, a clearer picture.
So what do I believe in?
Yeah, that last part kind of begs the question, doesn't it? Especially since I tend to skew towards the romantic arena.
I believe in that love that comes from the soul. I'm talking about the kind that transcends looks in a superficial way. Now, it may start out as admiring a physical trait but it evolves into that deeper calling that awakens you to all sorts of possibilities.
I believe in love unexpected. It's amazing how when you meet someone and think they're just great but when you get to know him, the bloom falls flat and with a thud. Whereas that woman you keep chatting with blows you away the more she speaks. We all have this idea of who our mate is but when you see them, they're not really in the form you expect so you may discard them at first. Then when it hits you, it throws you for a loop.
I believe in love that's tested: If you've read Unchained Hearts, you know that Cass & Virgilia as well as Brandon and Kyle were tested by circumstances that did pull them a part. But somehow they found their way back to each other and were stronger than ever. Now, I'm not necessarily talking about anything as dramatic as Joan or Soraya but there's always going to be something that wants you apart. How you handle it can make a difference between a strong bond and a broken one.
Lastly, I believe in satisfaction: At the end of the day, I do believe in a satisfying ending. We all want them, we need them because reality just sucks and we need to escape for a bit. Those are the reasons we read and write fiction. But my objective is to try to write a good story and have the moment I've been sharing with the reader come to some point of satisfaction. Will they ride off into the sunset? Maybe. Some will, some won't but there will always be that question mark hanging over that final moment; there has to be.
Remember, it's never perfect or clean. It's just good to let characters and the readers breathe in that moment of satisfaction.

Speaking of imperfect moments, here's a teaser from Unchained Hearts: Love is tested

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