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Books: The Tie That Binds Friendships

Blog Hop August 29th – 31st

Today’s post is part of a very special blog hop with some very familiar authors participating. Not only do these awesome authors have great posts to share, but they’re gonna take over Facebook!! Who hasn’t wanted to do that at some point? J
The theme of this special blog hop is friendship.
Not just the people in our lives we call friends, but how books might have created an unexpected friendship with someone we’d never met or how books might have given you and the friends you already had more things in common. Some posts might even offer a book where two friends become more. The sky’s the limit as far as it goes.
For me, I already had a best friend and while we had tons of stuff in common, we’d known each other for years before we bonded even more over our love of books. She always read much more than I did, but that's because she’s a lot smarter than me.J
My oldest daughter sort of became the catalyst when her brother brought home a little book called, “Twilight” a few years back. Some of the High School girls he knew had been reading it and he thought his younger sister would enjoy it, too.
I started reading it with her and we discussed it almost every day. I enjoyed the time we spent and was thankful she and I had that bond and established an open line of communication just as she was entering her teen years. It can often be difficult to find common ground with our kids when they hit that age, so trust me, I was delighted.
One day, while at a birthday party for my best friend’s great niece or nephew, I forget which, we all somehow got on the topic of Twilight and without even realizing it, we discovered we were all reading the same book and were close to the same spot in the series.
Kim, my best friend, and I started calling and texting each other every night to discuss the book. As if we needed another reason to call or text.
Despite the other shenanigans we had a knack of getting ourselves into, we had a great time laughing and rewriting the story in our heads as we discussed the what ifs and possibilities we anticipated in the next book we hadn’t gotten to yet.
Without even knowing it, we were in essence, creating fan-fiction before we ever knew what fan-fiction was. Believe it or not, not everyone has heard of it.
My daughter was aware of Fan-fiction long before I had a clue and still writes it today based on her own interests. I’ll admit it, I’m a dinosaur when it comes to technology so it takes a little more effort to keep up. She was a kid then, so naturally, she had the upper hand. Ha!
Now, as I’ve said many times before, Twilight was the main reason I became an author, but only because Kim and I both agreed had we written the books, the last one in the series (Breaking Dawn) would have had a much more exciting finish.
Steph Meyer had her own vision, but it was then that I realized I did too. I suppose that’s why fan-fiction is so popular. The foundation is already laid out for you and you just have to pick it up and run with it.
While I’ve never written fan-fiction myself, I did start writing because of it.
Kim and I had the brilliant idea to prove we could write a better story, but because she worked a full time job and I didn’t, I ended up becoming obsessed and couldn’t walk away from my laptop. If you don’t believe me, just ask my bathroom scale. I clearly have the ass of a woman who doesn’t get out much.
One thing led to another and within a year my first book was published. It was terrible, but as any writer knows, we’re never too old to learn and twenty-two books later, I’m still doing just that.
I wouldn’t have gotten this far in my career if it hadn’t been for books, Kim, friendship, and a dream that I hope will someday provide us both with a comfortable retirement. After all, she’s my honorary personal assistant, my “ride or die chick”, the ying to my yang and she’d help me burry a body without asking too many questions. But most of all, she’s ready willing and able to help me finish off copious amounts of frozen margaritas out by my imaginary pool. It doesn’t get much better than that.
Kim is still an avid reader and probably logs in ten times the hours I do reading, but we still talk books and make recommendations when we find those rare gems that are too good not to share.
My daughter is 19 now and she gets in on the action from time to time as well as Kim’s little sister, Kassi. Now those two can whiz through some books. It also explains why they’re practically walking, talking encyclopedias.
Books might not have created the friendship Kim and I already had, but they definitely have added a special flavor we can always count on to ensure we never run out of excitement and entertainment.
Someday we’ll sit in rocking chairs, side by side on one of our front porches, watching the grandkids play in the yard and laugh about Edward and Bella and the days when we couldn’t get enough of their romance. Of course, we’ll probably wonder if Jacob’s abs are still just as yummy and act like we weren’t dirty old ladies drooling over the twink and his tanned physique.
Books are an essential part of so many lives. What role have they played in yours?  
Be sure visit the other blogs participating in this hop and enter the drawings for some awesome prizes!!
Most of all, have fun and happy reading!!

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