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Welcome Day #4 to the first ever "Blast from the Past" Blog week featuring Glitch by LeTeisha Newton & Olivia Linden

Welcome to Day #4 of the first ever "Blast from the Past" Blog week!!

      In the world of publishing, there's a mysterious place books often go a short time after they've been released into the world that we authors refer to as the ever-growing "back-list"!!

      Really amazing books can sometimes be forgotten and replaced by newer releases and ultimately live out there sad little lives, feeling lonely and abandoned!! 
    *please bow your heads for a moment of silence as we pay tribute to those lost pages of inspiring, but forgotten plots, characters and happy endings*


      This week we're dragging some of those forgotten books out of the darkness and giving them a moment in the sun!!  
I hope you'll return each day for a special treat from some wonderful authors who hope you'll enjoy the books they've chosen to spotlight. 
      Some books might be familiar, but some might be never before morsels you missed the first time around!! You never know what you'll find during this blast from the past book week!!

Next Up... LeTeisha Newton and the books she co-authored with Olivia Linden-- Glitch and Scratch from their Corporate Hitman Series!!!  

TITLE: GLITCH (Coporate Hitman, #1) 
AUTHOR: LeTeisha Newton & Olivia Linden 
GENRE: Contemporary Romance, Action, Suspense
RELEASED: November 24, 2014

Liam Gallagher was one of the most notorious hackers in the cyber world, known for his high-profile hacks, and superior clean up skills. Until he got pinched, and hit with a forty-eight month sentence for a crime the feds still can’t quite figure out. Taking Pierce Eaglemohr’s offer to work for Hawk Global in exchange for his hacker skills was a no brainer. His only other option was to stay in jail, with the threat of not making it out alive. With no real friends or family tieing him down, he takes the deal to assume a new identity working as an IT ‘specialist’ for one of the fastest growing corporations in the defense industry.
But he wasn’t the only one.
Part of a trio of ex-cons, Glitch’s tasks increased in level of danger and risk until he was just as lethal with a keyboard as he was with a gun. Together, his partners in crime formed a bond so tight, that it helped to make up for the family and friends they left behind. The work was easy, the money was good, and they were out of jail so life was good.
When a simple hack job turned wrong ends with him face to face with a tech savvy beauty from his past, he realizes for the first time how much he gave up, and how little Eagle values his work. Or his life. He learns that the very man who gave him a new start is the one who is threatening to take it away, he devises a plan for the trio to retire into obscurity.
Now, he leads the Hitman crew on their task of breaking out of the nasty web of corruption that Eagle has ensnared them in.Things are going to get pretty nasty along the way, even a little sexy, but it's all in a day's work for a Corporate Hitman.

Corporate Hitman SERIES:

GLITCH - Book 1 >  AMAZON -



LeTeisha Newton is the author of a plethora of novels ranging from hot Interracial Erotica, Paranormal biters, Fantasy, and Urban Fantasy genres. She's known for her extensive knowledge of shifter cultures, even outside of the generic werewolves and vampires, crazy world-building, and making shapeshifters feel like they are living right next door. That has led to her being dubbed the Shifter Queen. Some of her series include the best-selling Claimed and Taken Series. 
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Olivia Linden, a native New Yorker, was raised between Queens and San Antonio, TX. Currently living in Florida with her 10 year-old son, she decided it was time to follow her dreams of becoming a full time author. Her creative itch began when her elementary school principal posted one of her stories in the halls of her school. She was only seven at the time, but old enough to understand how integral writing would be to her future. From that moment on, reading and writing became her two greatest passions. Olivia is a newbie to the industry, but she hasn't stopped writing since she found her literary voice all those years ago. Jaded Hearts, her first published novel, mixes her big personality, with a sexy yet humorous tone. It is her philosophy that laughter is essential to making it through even the toughest situations. 

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